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  • Dec252018
    leuchtturm1917 vs moleskine

    5 Best Notebooks for Note Taking in the Coming Year

    The development of modern technologies introduced a range of innovative items that allow people to forget about paper notebooks and…

  • Dec182018
    Hermes Watch Bands

    All You Need to Know About Hermes Watch Bands

    Let’s be honest, just as many people think about astrology when they about a Hermes watch strap for the first…

  • Dec112018
    bullet journal

    What to Consider When Choosing a Bullet Journal?

    Bullet journal is the basic item needed for proper space and plan organization in your notebook. This is an excellent…

  • Nov272018
    leather hides

    Types of Leather

    The tendencies of the modern world are constantly changing and improving. The only thing remains the same – the popularity…

  • Nov202018
    Apple Watch leather bands 2

    How to Clean Leather Watch Band

    The modern world offers people an increasing number of new technologies and innovative options. However, some things remain the same.…

  • Nov132018
    leather wallet

    How to Choose a Quality Wallet

    The moment you start receiving a salary or other regular payments you, probably, start thinking about purchasing a wallet. Is…

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