September 25, 2018 Sarah Brown

How to Choose Excellent Restaurant Aprons

First and foremost, aprons protect the employee from possible dirt, food remnants, stains or similar things. Depending on the type, a custom apron can fulfill other purposes. For instance, restaurant servers aprons have a more decorative function and should be used to attract customers and add to the overall atmosphere. Considering restaurants, cafeterias and even canteens, aprons have become something not just supplementary, but also essential. Restaurant staff uniform is necessary for everyone, starting with a chef and up to waiter. Moreover, if you are convinced that a standard apron is just about keeping your clothes clean, you are mistaken. Restaurant uniform can complete more tasks than just protection.

Learn the information about apron types, forms and features before ordering them for your employees or home use. Different options will suit different purposes, so a perfect apron is not only about the quality, but also use.

Types of Restaurant Aprons

While classic aprons for waiters have to be practical and decorative, the functionality and convenience of other types are frequently appreciated.
There are several classifications of restaurant uniform ideas, which will help you make the final choice and opt for the most stylish item suiting your needs and requirements. Thus, there are six main types of aprons, including:

  • Server apron;
  • Bib apron;
  • Bistro apron;
  • Cobbler apron;
  • Tuxedo apron;
  • Dishwasher apron.

The above-mentioned types can also be specified based on their length:

  • Mid-thigh: cobbler and server aprons;
  • Knee length: dishwasher, bistro aprons;
  • Full-length: bib, tuxedo aprons.

The material, color and other items of design can make aprons unique, so they can be a highlight of the restaurant. Pay due attention to all the possible peculiarities and features in case you are in search of quality aprons for your business. Mind the person who will use it and the specifications of his job.


Considering a professional chef apron, bib will be the best option. The traditional full-length apron ties around the waist. The item has a loose loop, which fits over the head. While the length is standard, the material can be optional.

Bib aprons for chefs are available in a range of materials, including polyester, poly-cotton, cotton, leather, and others. Polyester helps to preserve excellent professional appearance; cotton is more about comfort; poly-cotton and leather guarantee durability.

Each of the options will suit a professional chef, as it has space to wipe hands and, at the same time, full body coverage preserves the appearance and prevents cooks from backsplash and spills.


Unique aprons that look neat and attractive should be purchased for servers and waiters. These people represent the whole place, so their appearance should always be excellent, no matter what. A tuxedo apron is the best choice here. It can be paired with a bow tie or white button-down shirt for a clean and crisp look. The item is an updated version of a bib apron and guarantees a more stylish look. It is a perfect variant for waiters and waitresses, who need to enhance the image of the luxurious dining area.

Additionally, server aprons can be used by these people. They don’t provide complete body coverage, but shorter length provides the necessary comfort for walking and serving dishes. An overwhelming majority of such items have pockets, so the staff can have guest checks, pens and other necessary items at hand. On average, such aprons are made from the poly-cotton blend that presupposes high durability and comfort.

server apron

Bartenders and Baristas

Looking for a trendy bartender aprons, you need to pay due attention to several options. They have already been mentioned, so it will be easier to choose. All the three items, including bib, tuxedo and server aprons, can be used by a bartender and barista. The choice will depend on the overall concept of the facility and its priorities.

Once the bar is located somewhere in the middle of the restaurant, you should choose quality bib or tuxedo aprons that contribute to the appearance of the workers. However, if you don’t need much style, a server apron will work out.


Listen, probably 99% of dishwasher aprons are waterproof, which guarantees the maximal functionality and convenience. They usually have a full-length design, which helps to protect the person from large splashes. Such aprons are made from water-resistant, heat-resistant, cut-resistant and fire-retardant materials, such as rubber, neoprene, canvas or vinyl.

The main purpose of the apron here is to protect skin and clothing from grease, chemicals, equipment debris, and dirt.

bartender apron
barista apron
custom bartender apron

Kitchen Workers

Other people who work with food-related processes should use aprons. There are two main options preferred by such employees, including the following:

  • Disposable. The apron offers a full-length design that is perfect for people, who work with slicing deli products, raw fish and meat, chemicals, etc. They are made from water-resistant materials, so they can be thrown away after every use;
  • Cobbler. These casual aprons resemble bib ones, but feature more reliable protection. The option covers the worker from both front and back, which is perfect for people, working in bakeries and other kitchen lines.

Popular Ideas for Restaurant Aprons

While aprons play a significant role in the overall atmosphere and style of the restaurant or cafe, it is necessary to make them unique and exclusive. There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • Choosing brand aprons;
  • Opting for personalized items;
  • Creating an individual style.

Great news! All these ideas can be fulfilled by olpr., a reliable company that offers unique leather aprons that can be customized. You can add the logo of your company or other signs to make the apron exclusive. What you receive is any type of apron you need made from quality leather and produced within several working days. That’s exactly what you need!

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