How to Buy Louis Vuitton Watch Band for Less?
October 30, 2018 Sarah Brown
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How to Buy Louis Vuitton Watch Band for Less?

louis vuitton iwatch band

You want a Louis Vuitton Watch band, right? But maybe the price is putting you off.

The truth is, we all want one of these beautiful straps but we also don’t want to spend a fortune for the privilege. Sure, you can look one up on eBay or a second hand marketplace but buying a second hand watch strap is like buying second hand make-up – it just shouldn’t happen!


You are absolutely right: the original is too expensive but thankfully there is a popular alternative and a very straight forward way to buy LV Apple watch band for less. And wait there’s more, these Louis Vuitton watch bands are identical to the original and just as importantly, they have no previous owners!

In the following article, let’s take a closer look at LV watch band and how you can buy one of these classy straps for a much more reasonable price.

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What to Consider When Buying a Louis Vuitton Apple Watch Band for Less

Needless to say, not every LV Apple watch band is as durable or authentic as the next. When you set out to buy one, especially for the first time, there are certain aspects you should keep in mind.

lv double tour apple watch band

Comfort – Chafing can be an issue with some of the unreliable sellers out there. Sure, they can sometimes do the trick in the short term but you want a comfortable fit and one that will give you no problems in the long run.

Material – Similarly, the material and design should be in such a way that the LV Apple Watch Band can withstand a certain degree of sweat. As you might expect, this is especially important if you live in a hot climate.

Water – With the above in mind, the LV Apple Watch Band should perform equally well in wet weather and even the swimming pool. Even if your Louis Vuitton strap does not smell or disintegrate in water, it’s just as important that the watch band can dry quickly afterward.

Fit – As you should know, the Apple watch has an integrated heart rate monitor. For this reason, the watch needs to be flush and perfectly fitted in order to ensure that the monitor can work. Some of the cheaper suppliers of the LV Apple Watch Band do not take this into consideration.

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As you can see, choosing the right supplier for your LV Apple Watch Band is highly important and these factors should have an impact on your decision of where to buy one.

How to Pick the Right LV Watch Band for Less

The truth is, buying a Louis Vuitton strap for less is really just a matter of digging. That is to say, affordable Louis Vuitton Apple watch band are on the market but you will need to do a little research before you find the right one.

louis vuitton watch strap

And this is critical – “the right one”. After all, you are not simply looking for a cheap Louis Vuitton strap but instead you want a classy watch band that looks no different than the original. In this sense, you are really left with only two options.

Cheap Replica – You can buy a cheap replica online that is likely to have some issues relating to the issues mentioned in this article.

Handcrafted Watch Band – Alternatively, you can buy a handcrafted watch band from a manufacturer that uses the very same material and process.

Okay, we are the alternative but let us tell you about the transparent process that sets us apart.

olpr. & Louis Vuitton Apple Watch Bands

Simply put, we thought of a smart way to make the Louis Vuitton watch band for less. After taking an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, we use this material to handcraft an identical strap. Needless to say, this Louis Vuitton bag is made out of the very same material as the bag so we are able to produce a watch band that looks precisely the same as the original.

Our Apple Watch bands are almost identical to the Louis Vuitton official product. In fact, most customers are unable to tell them apart and there is good reason for this being the case. You see, we use the same material as Louis Vuitton. When it comes to the process, every watch band is handmade which then allows us to create an exact replica. Some might say, we infuse even more loving care into the production of each one and then we provide the same upgrades as the famous brand.

louis vuitton upcycling louis vuitton upcycling process louis vuitton upcycled watch band

Single Wrap or Double Wrap Watch Band

The Louis Vuitton watch strap is available in both single wrap and double wrap design. Each strap is handcrafted using material from the luxury brand bag and we add a second layer of leather to improve the flexibility, durability and fit of the watch band. As you know, these straps are popular for good reason and add real character and a touch of class to the Apple Watch or whatever you might be wearing at the time.

The Louis Vuitton watch band is compatible with series one, two and three of the Apple Watch series and comes with both the adaptor and buckle already installed.

Either way, the straps are made with the same material and the same flawless process.

But what does all this mean to you?

Well, as you should have gathered, with one of our products, you can now buy a Louis Vuitton watch band for less. As already mentioned, we guarantee the highest quality watch band you can imagine

Sure, Louis Vuitton makes the most incredible straps for the Apple Watch but when you can have the exact same product created from scratch at our workshop, you’ve got to ask yourself, why pay more when you can pay less?

Do you have any questions about our product, the process or watch bands in general? We want to hear from you – please let us know in the comments!

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