Horween Chromexcel and Dublin Leather Guides
November 21, 2017 Sarah Brown
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Horween Chromexcel and Dublin Leather Guides

horween chromexcel leather

Here at olpr., we are all about the customer experience. We want you to be happy and satisfied with everything we do. This is why we put so much care and craftsmanship into producing each singular product we make. We aspire that everything we make has a story to tell, either for you as the buyer or as someone who is giving a gift to someone special. You are getting something unique and durable that will last a lifetime.

This is why we love to share information with you to get you informed and educated as much as possible so you can choose that perfect item for yourself or someone you love.

Let`s talk a bit about the actual leather and different ways it is treated before our craftsmen make it into a beautiful piece of accessory.

We frequently emphasize the fact that all of our raw materials come from the historic Horween tannery. Horween leather products are famous for its quality and old school way of treatment.

Let`s explore the characteristics of two kinds of leather we most frequently use Dublin and Chromexcel.

Dublin leather

Dublin styled leather is what you would call the most natural looking leather. With this type of leather, you can see most of the “characteristics” of the actual animal such as the scars and other lines and crescents. It`s a bit rougher to the touch but it is the go-to choice for the person who wants the most natural and authentic feel.

chestnut leather slim bifold wallet

Another feature this type of leather has is that it ages beautifully. It will develop a stunning patina over time and usage which will give it even more rugged look and authentic feel. Check out this amazing Horween leather wallet to see the patina effect in full swing! It has an interesting pull-up effect on it as well. What this actually means is that if you fold the leather at the place of the fold the coloring will be much brighter due to oils inside moving to the surface. This effect can be reversed by simply rubbing your hand over that area.

dublin leather wallet
At olpr. Dublin type leather products come in the following colors:
– Natural
– Chestnut
– Black

To summarize if you want a real feel and authentic look with some amazing aging effects along the way the Dublin is for you.

Chromexcel leather

True to its name Horween Chromexcel leather is more processed leather. It`s a bit oilier under the hand and it has a more of a shiny finish when comparing it to the Dublin. It also features that pull-up effect when folded same as Dublin. The “characteristics” of the animal are still visible but to a lesser extent.

iPhone Leather Wallet

At olpr. Chromexcel type leather products come in the following colors:
– Brown
– Black
– Blue Ink
– Green

To summarize if you are looking for a slick and polished look with smooth finishing the Chromexcel is for you!

There is no wrong choice here it all comes down to personal preference but what you have guaranteed is that whatever you choose it will be of the utmost quality and durability and it will look absolutely stunning!

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