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Leather Cigar Cases

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Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Natural - olpr.Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Natural - olpr.
Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Natural
Regular price€76,95
Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Chestnut - olpr.Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Chestnut - olpr.
Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Chestnut
Regular price€76,95
Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Black - olpr.Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Black - olpr.
Horween Leather Cigar Wallet - Black
Regular price€76,95

Accessory Holder to Keep Cigars Fresh

Leather cigar cases are among the most useful tools that will help keep cigars nice and moist. Exposed to air for too long, it is just like a cigarette. It will dry out losing much taste. With too much dryness, cigar can feel rough on throat, therefore nowhere near as enjoyable as it could be.

If you would want get over such an issue, then turn to our professional leather cigar case. One who likes rich satisfying cigar taste will find smoking accessories collection exactly right thing!

Handmade from top quality Horween leather, our cigar carrying case will give you just what you are looking for. Each one is custom made to fit with personal preferences and expectations. This allows us tailor-fit product to your needs.

Cigar Wallet as Present for ...Yourself

With 3 cigar holder made from real cowhide one can enjoy a much more satisfying way carrying after cigars. Often they are something that we like taking to major events, weekend getaways and celebrations. Instead of keeping them in a basic little package, why not put cigars in a top quality personalized holder?

It looks much cooler taking it from a travel case than a standard package. The end result? A far more impressive satisfying experience. If you want feel a smoke of standard, start here.

Enjoying rich smoke fragrance hitting your throat is indeed a pleasure that many men will be able to identify with easily. These cigar cases make it easy for you to do just that, with variety of choices available here.

Choosing Stylish Cigar Case 

If you are looking for something that’s easy to care for but stylishly practical - take a look at options we have. Each one is made using Horween real cowhide and can outlast years in use. Timeless appearance of pouch will please every collector. With option for personalization it is also a great gift for groomsmen and any occasion!