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Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron - Black

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Cross Back Waxed Canvas Apron

Nowadays apron is not only about cooking. It is a versatile element of workwear widely used by skilled professionals who like to stay clean and protected during work.

Good quality well - build apron, like our waxed canvas and leather one is a must.

Not only it protects you from dirt and stains but also adorn your look and deliver comfort in use.








Natural materials used for production are breathable and can withstand daily use with ease. The apron features pockets and loops on the sides so you can always keep instruments you need within a reach. Due to the adjustable ties the apron fits most waist sizes and does not hamper the movements.

With simple yet stylish and universal design the apron be a great choice for any need. Whether you are barista, waiter, barber, gardener, florist, working enthusiast - this apron has you covered.

! Dry cleaning with special cleaning solutions !

Work Aprons with Pockets - Oilcloth Apron You Were Looking for

The oilcloth apron is handmade in the USA from high quality waxed canvas and comes with a beautiful leather accents. The combination of these two materials provides the best durability and long-lasting nature for the apron.

Leather used for crafting is - full grain Horween black leather from cowhide. It comes from the part of the hide where fibers are tightly interlinked. IT gives this leather strength but does not affect the soft and pleasant feel. Waxed canvas can withstand most liquids and is easy to clean. Most of the dirt and stain will simple roll down from the waxy surface and the rest can be removed with a cloth.

With all the functionality and convenience in use it is equally important to remember about style and look. Captivating combination of waxed canvas and leather in black colors make this apron look stylish and smartly luxurious. It will adorn any work outfit while keeping you protected.

The apron is made to last for years. It is well-built, versatile and features ultimately handsome design. You will love owning and wearing it.

Type Apron


Waxed Canvas, Full Grain Leather




Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron - Black

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33 x 26

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