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Geometric Glass Ring Box

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Ring Box For Very Special Moments

Do you have a soul mate and are ready to marry her? Then you need to try hard and impress her with an exclusive ring and its excellent presentation. We will not offer you a unique ring, but we can provide you with an opportunity to get an eye-catching, 100% handcrafted ring box. Your girlfriend will feel so special when you present her with a ring in a handmade geometric glass box. This unique is designed for such precious life moments.

This excellent ring box with white sand inside will be a great gift for your girl or wife. Just put a cute ring in the sand and get perfect photos. Besides, the box can be used for wedding rings, as two of them can also fit there.

When Everything Matters

What is the most special about a geometric glass ring box? First of all, it is handcrafted, with all the details being thoroughly concerned. Secondly, the size of the box is perfect for two wedding rings (length – 3.6″, width – 3.6″ and height – 3″). Thirdly, copper finishing contributes to its perfect look, adding some uniqueness and purity.

Thus, the extraordinary form of the box, excellent size, and functionality combined with the convenience of shopping with olpr. is the formula of success. Browse our website and opt for the item you like the most.

Keep in mind that we have a wide range of accessories and unique things to offer. Learn the information about the selected product, contact us if you have any questions concerning the quality of the product, delivery, payment or other issues. Order from us and make sure you get:
100% handcrafted geometric glass ring box;
Fast, convenient and customer-oriented services;
Fast delivery.

Type Ring Box


Geometric Glass Ring Box


Glass and Metal







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Geometric Glass Ring Box