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How to Design Your Own Dog Collars

Would you like to design your own dog collars but you just don't know how? Then this is for you. According to statistics, about 1.6 million dogs are adopted yearly in the USA and about forty percent of households in the USA have a dog. Over the years, dogs have been deeply embedded in our daily lives and homes.

There is no need to question why. Dogs are more than just pets, they are family. Dogs are lovable and loving in return, they are wonderful, funny creatures, they make amazing friends, roommates and they are extremely loyal. If you manage to create a close bond with your dog, it will be one that will stay with you for a very long time.

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All dog lovers love their dogs with a ferocity that is unmatched. Their love for their pets makes them take care of the said pet and cherish them. However, this emotion may not be well channeled (e.g overfeeding).

If you're a dog lover who wants to show love to their pet but has no idea how, this is a safe, useful and practical way of doing this: collars, and not just any type of collar, personalized collars that you will hand-select. If your dog doesn't have a collar yet, this will be a perfect first collar.  

Quite a number of dog owners want to design their own dog collars specially and when they do, the end result is not what they had in mind. With us, that will be a thing of the past. With your creativity and our expertise, we will make you the best dog collar.

Our company specializes in making personalized leather dog collars. Leather is the most popular material for collars and this is not a mere coincidence. Leather is better for dog collars because :

  • It is more durable than cotton or cloth. It is less likely to tear.
  • It is a safe material.
  • It is easy to clean. During the shedding season, cotton or cloth collars often become so clotted with fur that it will be almost impossible to get it clean afterward. The same thing goes for rainy days. Dogs generally love running and splashing around. Cotton or cloth collars will get stained and the stain will be hard to wash away.
  • It gives your little furry friend a regal air.

Leather is an affordable choice and it is more humane than iron collars which hurt the dogs neck. Our company offers three major collar designs that can be further broken down during customization. These designs are:


Minimal Dog Collars

As the name implies this collar is minimal. Less is the new more. This leather collar is available in different colors. There is no external stitching or lining. It is smooth to the touch and it will feel just as smooth on your dog. In addition to being able to pick the color of the leather, you will also be able to attach the id tag of your pet and also an embossing. This means you will get to create a carving or a design that will be embedded onto the collar. This design will be fully yours. It could be anything ranging from the day you got your pet to a picture of their favorite toy. The details are yours to decide in order to make this a truly personal project.


Premium Dog Collars

These dog collars are made extra special for your furry friend. They have an extra cotton lining on the inside to ensure padding and the comfort of your dog even when they sprint away from you. The inevitable tug will not hurt their necks because the padding will absorb the shock.

With this premium dog collar, you will not only be choosing the color of the leather but also the color of the stitching. The stitching is detailed and intricate. You could select the color of your dog's favorite chew toy as the leather color or anything you fancy. You can pick any color you like.

We are dedicated to helping you design your own dog collar. Apart from the color customization, you can attach the id tag and also an embossing. You could choose to engrave something special for your dog to assure your pet of your love. This dog collar also comes with the option of having the cotton lining or not having it. The choice is yours. You are the captain of the ship.

Two-Sided Premium Dog Collars

These collars are two-sided. They have leather covering on both sides. The feel is soft and amazing. It is the feel of a perfect collar. The heights of customization are stretched far with this collar. You get to choose the color of the leather on both sides and also the color of the stitching.

This could be the perfect opportunity to experiment with bright colors. It is assured that your pet will light up any environment they step into. The customization of the id tag is available as well as embossing. The design could be anything you want. This is your collar, we're merely helping you fulfill your wishes.

These collar options are all special in their own way and are made with quality leather. They will no doubt gain the attention of others. In case you’re a dog lover who does not have a dog but know someone who does, this collar is the perfect gift. You could design it yourself or give the person the choice of deciding what it should look like. T

hese collars are trendy, affordable and they are sure to make your dog the center of attention and the star of the park.

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