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Leather & Canvas Apron

Durable and highly functional apron made of the combination of canvas and leather is a perfect item for real craftsmen and just hard working people, who strive to look stylish and feel comfortable in any occasion.


The apron features a leather breast pocket and three spacious canvas pockets, which provide the maximal ability to carry the necessary tools.

Convenient cross-belts can be adjusted, according to the individual height, body size, and other characteristics.

Anyway, the apron is universal, so it will suit everyone.


"I'm writing in regards to the apron it's super top notch!! I looked at a ad placed in a magazine I got from a trade show looked into them and wallah I ordered. Let me say I've ordered products online before with big expectations and zero results..take the risk do it. Lastly the customer service aspect has been top notch as well easy to talk to and easy to reach if you have any concerns. I purchased 3 on a whim the 39.00 aprons I will be buying more"

Apron up to your needs

Grilling apron/ bbq apron/
grill apron

Flame Retardant. It’s better to choose flame retardant material with heat resistant properties.

Pockets. The most common variant is one with several decent sized pockets. You may put in many essentials or just phone + bottle opener.

Shape. Bib apron covers the front body area from the neck to knee.

Work apron/ tool apron/
shop apron

Straps. Any body position is comfortable and your apron stays exactly where it needs to be.

Pockets. You can access your most important tools at any time while walking around workshop.

Durable. Scratching, rubbing, abrasion and contacts with sharp objects shouldn’t damage the material.

Hairdresser apron/ hair stylist apron/ hair cutting apron/
barber apron

Comfort. a cross-back bib-top apron, rather than one that loops around the neck, is the way to go keep you comfortable while you work.

Hair sticking. Waxed surface protects the apron from hair sticking and doesn’t need frequent cleaning.

Uniform. Elevates salon’s or barbershop’s class for clients (leather barber aprons)

Bartender apron/
bar leather apron

Design. the tailoring just makes you look good, slick, and put-together

Pockets. features a divided chest pocket for small slots for a pen, tweezers, and a large slot perfect for your business cards or small notebook

Look. Provides professional neat appearance.

Barista apron

Color. Available in black color which is the best for baristas.

Waxed. Protects against coffee stains and hot drink burn.

Straps. Long non-slip straps for secure tying. no need to adjust during the day.

Style. This apron, handcrafted in a small workshop, emphasizes selectivity and good taste.

Waiter apron

Color. various colors and logo engraving to suit your brand and café theming

Comfortable. Cotton blend wears extremely well and is breathable - perfect to wear all the year-round

Pockets. It contains 4 compartments of different sizes for toting and check pads, pens, money and other working essentials.

Carpenters apron/
woodworking apron

Crossing straps. Wide x-crossing straps on the back help to distribute weight on the shoulders leaving the neck free of pressure.

One size. Fits most people of all genders and body types.

Pockets. One large main pocket and 2 more on the top for commonly used small tools. One tight leather pocket to keep your phone safe.

Welding apron

Durable. Stress points withstand heavy loads due to reinforced threads

Design. It is long enough to offer some protection against flying objects. More complete coverage

One size fits all. Long straps are perfect to secure and firm holds.

Reasonable price for all the features.

Florist apron/
gardening apron

Water-resistant. Cleaning is not the issue if your apron is waxed. Your clothes remain dry and clean.

Simple construction. The apron is easy to put on if hands are dirty or wet.

Flexible. It doesn’t restrict movements or weigh you down


No matter what kind of work you do, the apron will provide you with the maximal protection, comfort, and durability. The apron is universal not only in terms of look, but also use.

Add monogram or logo to make your apron really unique.