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Personalized Leather Journals

Shop now for fully customized with your name (monogrammed initials or engraved logo) classic handmade leather journals from olpr. These items are US made by hand with premium quality American or Italian leather and durable stitching!

Every leather journal is a unique one-off item because no two hides are alike. The full-grain leather type used for crafting is extremely strong and durable, it will last a lifetime and will only get better with age.

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Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Chestnut Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Chestnut
Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Chestnut
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Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Natural Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Natural
Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Natural
Regular price$160.00$128.00
Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Navy Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Navy
Milwaukee Leather Padfolio Professional - Navy
Regular price$160.00$128.00

Leather Notebooks, Covers & Journals - Handmade in the USA

Our leather notebook covers and journals are handmade by the master artisan, Viktor Oleksyn, who runs our workshop in Mooresville, USA. After years of training and learning, he has mastered the craft and technique needed to provide all olpr. customers with top-quality leather goods.

We use full-grain leather to make our products, which leaves you with a unique leather showing off its natural surface, from the scars and creases to bites and other marks on the leather. You can enjoy your one-of-a-kind product with our unique full-grain leather.

You can make your leather notebooks even more unique by asking us to engrave your initials or any quote of your choice. We can also add the company logo with embossing for corporate orders. Enjoy these unique leather journals at great prices, and with bulk orders, we provide you with quantity discounts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Leather Notebooks

1. How to Make a Leather Journal?

First, neatly cut a piece of leather according to the size of your journal (measure the product so you can get the accurate size); you can choose to glue decorative paper over the leather strip to add to its beauty. Next, create a strip for the pen clasp with a hole cut into it and round the corners of your leather cover. Lastly, glue your journal on the leather piece to keep it in place. Rather than going through the stress of making a DIY leather journal, you can easily purchase one from OLPR based on your budget, preferred fabric and leather type, color, size, etc.

2. How Long Does a Leather Journal Last?

The most significant advantage of having a leather journal is that it will last you for a lifetime when properly taken care of, as leather is a durable material. These kinds of journals are refillable; you can refill the papers as fast as you fill them up. At olpr, you can access different paper refills such as Moleskine Volant, Midori, Moleskine Cahier, Moleskine Classic, etc.

3. Where to Buy Leather Journals?

olpr Leather Goods Co is the best place to buy a leather journal, a brand that manufactures high-quality and top-notch leather goods ranging from handbags to journals. Their items are available in different sizes (extra small, pocket, large, etc.), colors (red, brown, black, blue, etc.), prices (under $30, under $50, etc.), dimensions (3x4, 5x8.25, etc.), leather type, fabric type, and paper refills.

4. How Much Does a Leather Journal Cost?

The price of a leather journal depends on the size, quality, and decoration; it usually ranges between $10 to $300. olpr leather journals come in different prices (under $30, under $50, $50-$100, and $100-$200), depending on your choice.

5. Are Leather Journals Good?

Custom notebooks are more than reasonable; they are excellent. Not only are they versatile but also durable to withstand harsh conditions. olpr leather journals are handmade by the master artisan, Viktor Oleksyn; they are top quality and one of a kind. These journals are made using full-grain leather, thereby making them unique.

What Our Customers Say About olpr.

Love it! Ready for More

"My pocket journal arrived a few days ago; I started making notes in it right away. Nice piece of leather, well-crafted, with perfect stitching, nicely finished edges, and cleanly stamped initials. Except for the finished edges, it's "naked" leather. Some pull-up effect is already visible and it will distress beautifully with age - that's the charm of leather accessories. Now I want a passport case or travel wallet to complement it!"

Mark Kenney


Super Impressed

"I've had this product for two years now, been using it with two field notes pocket notebook (one on each side). Even though that's not how the product was even intended to be used, it's held up admirably and the customization and quality for the price is unmatched. Can't say enough good things about it!"

Benjamin Allee


Large Custom Order

"I made a large custom order and had quite a few questions before I was ready to place the order. I was met with a quick and helpful response from Pavlo. He made ordering easy, fun and the way he communicated let me know that all the details were captured! The item arrived faster than expected and were BEAUTIFUL!! We were so happy with the quality of the journals and the help we received we made another order. I would 100% recommend buying this product."