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Soft Leather Circle Bag - Grey
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Groceries, water, t-shirts and shoes for the gym, children’s toys, body lotion, make-up kit, favorite perfume, small umbrella –  all this and so much more! We all know, that the list of useful things, which can be inside the leather bag is endless.

Nobody can imagine themselves without this practical big and comfortable bag when your to-do-list has more than 100 points. Starting from 1960 the famous totes began to express a women’s style and intimate world. Personalised leather bags has become even more practical and functional.

The Horween Leather is the best option for a long-term quality product. Using handmade leather bags you will forget about any discomfort, caused by handles or too big size. The leather bag will always be soft and nice despite the weather or weight. Do not restrict imagination and design ideas!

Think outside the box, because our craftsmen are always ready to realize your wishes. Colored seams, lettering, and stamping can create an exclusive product with classic and extraordinary touch.

Exceptional functionality combined with fashion can pleasantly surprise, and you will never be indifferent. Tailored with accuracy and care, custom leather tote bags are the best reflection of personality and unique object of fashion and style.