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Handmade Pocket Knife - olpr.Handmade Pocket Knife - olpr.
Handmade Pocket Knife
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    Pocket knife is a comparatively small accessory with an endless number of functions. Generally, it is a foldable knife that has one or several blades, which fit inside the handle. The main feature is its small size so that a custom pocket knife can fit in an average pocket. It is also known as a penknife and jackknife and can be used for opening the envelopes up to self-defense.

    Following the US regulations, pocket knives are not forbidden and even more, the owner doesn’t need any special license or other documents for the item. Thus, you can use a small handmade pocket knife without any concerns.

    While some people buy trivial pocket knives and appreciate them for their functionality, a significant number of younger people consider them to be an attribute. Handcrafted, personally created and monogrammed accessories can add to your presentability and increase your self-confidence.

    Additionally, such products are collectible, so they may also be valued by collectors. olpr. presents a unique handmade pocket knife that has both an exclusive design and rich functionality. A special sheath will add some luxury to the item. Forget about your doubts and make your first steps on the way to purchasing a quality pocket knife made in the USA:


    • ➦ Browse our website and search for the desired product;
    • ➦ Learn its dimensions and specification before you place an order;
    • ➦ Contact the executive team to get information about the ability to customize the knife and make it personal;
    • ➦ Buy the item and enjoy another stylish accessory you get.


    Handmade Pocket Knife Made in the USA


    What is special about our knives? Basically, this small-sized custom knife offered online is designed by GC Blacksmithing together with olpr. Both the item and the handmade leather pocket knife sheath are fully hand-made. It is highly utilitarian and compact, so it may be at hand at any moment and for any task. The model is perfect for a hunter, outdoor sports enthusiast, camper, as it will help you enjoy the adventure and stay safe.

    Unlike other pocket knives, products at olpr. are characterized by maximal durability, individual design, and quality leather sheath. Actually, the item may also serve as a great gift for friends and relatives. These knives have several peculiarities that make them different from all other items offered on the modern market:


    • ➦ It is fully handcrafted;
    • ➦ Made in the USA;
    • ➦ Designed specifically for everyday carrying;
    • ➦ Sold together with 100% quality Horween leather sheath;
    • ➦ Has a comfortable handle that is made from cocobolo wood;
    • ➦ Features 1095 high carbon steel used for the blade.


    Handmade Leather Pocket Knife Sheath


    Aren’t you convinced yet? Then you should pay attention to the handmade leather pocket knife bag that is included in the set. The sheath is handcrafted individually in accordance with the preferences and requirements of the client. Since olpr. is an innovative and up-to-date store, it provides its customers with an ability to customize products. Thus, having a specific sign, your name or logo on the sheath is possible. Just contact us before you place an order and make sure your requests are taken into account.


    Benefits of Buying from olpr.


    Quality pocket knife, durable leather sheath and convenient shopping are top three factors that make people choose olpr. The company is customer-oriented, which means you will get the simplest and most comfortable online shopping. Apart from high-quality products, olpr. has numerous other benefits, including:


    • ➦ Wide assortment;
    • ➦ Affordable prices;
    • ➦ Fast order processing;
    • ➦ Rapid shipping to any part of the world;
    • ➦ Competent and helpful customer support service;
    • ➦ Opportunity to bespoke the desired items;
    • ➦ Regular sales and discounts, etc.