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photo of canvas and leather apron - greenimage of green canvas and leather apron
Canvas and Leather Apron - Green
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photo of green waxed canvas and leather apronphoto of waxed canvas green apron
Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron - Green
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You consider an apron to be an indispensable item just for the kitchen or bar, don’t you? Not now. Currently, not only PR managers and CEOs need to look good, but also the representatives of a range of other professions. Therefore, handmade leather aprons have become important objects in the work of every specialist: barista, barber, craftsman, chef, designer, etc.

Imagine this: aprons have been actively used since ancient times. Their uses differed greatly, but nowadays they have been minimized to protective. Custom leather aprons are extremely functional; they should be put on to protect the skin and clothes from unexpected and incidental marks and stains.

opr. is the US-based company that offers an ultimate choice of modern, crafted, up-to-date, comfortable and high-quality aprons for any purpose and preference.

What Are Leather Aprons Used for?

Interesting fact: over 98% of Americans prefer homemade food. It means an apron is inevitable at least for this purpose. However, following the development of different industries, aprons became increasingly important for other needs:

  • • Welding;
  • • Gardening;
  • • Woodworking;
  • • Crafts;
  • • Broidery and others.

Also, it is often used by men and women working in the garden.

Leather Aprons Advantages

Considering leather work aprons, you need to mind all the pros and cons before making a final decision. An important point here is the quality of the product. olpr. aprons are made from a top-quality, soft and comfortable material, which presupposes a comparatively high cost. But here’s the good news: our products can boast of a variety of beneficial characteristics, such as the following:

  • • Stylish and cute;
  • • Durable;
  • • Having an adjustable strap that guarantees comfort;
  • • Personalized;
  • • Quality.

Why People Choose Us

It’s no secret the modern market is filled with leather goods. So why olpr.?

  • • It is an up-to-date company with an individual approach to every  customer;
  • • Quality Horween leather used to make aprons and other items;
  • • Made in the USA;
  • • Customization;
  • • Rapid order processing and much more.