• Sep182018
    leather watch strap

    How to Distinguish A Quality Leather Watch Strap From Lesser Quality One

    When it comes to buying a leather watch strap, you might be shocked at the challenge involved. Unlike other accessories,…

  • Apr272018
    Horween Shell Cordovan

    Horween Shell Cordovan – the Hardest Form of Leather to Tan

    The kind of leather that we use for any kind of project matters a great deal. Amongst all the arguments…

  • Apr062018
    travel humidor

    How to Travel with Cigars and the Leather Humidor

    Are you familiar with the cigar humidor? Maybe you travel quite a bit and want to learn more about how…

  • Dec192017
    leather goods

    Taking Proper Care of Leather Goods

    Any item made of original leather oozes of class, and is extremely hardwearing and durable. If well taken care of,…

  • Nov212017
    horween chromexcel leather

    Horween Chromexcel and Dublin Leather Guides

    Here at olpr., we are all about the customer experience. We want you to be happy and satisfied with everything…

  • Jul132017

    History of Leather

    History of Leather Leather is elegant and sensual, luxurious and timeless—literally timeless: “without beginning or end.” Surely there was a…

  • Feb162017
    Chrome Tanning

    Tanning: Turning Raw Hides into Leather

    Tanning: Turning Raw Hides into Leather An animal’s skin is soft, flexible, sturdy and durable. Once the skin is separated…

  • Feb022017
    Know Your Leather

    Know Your Leather

    Know Your Leather Leather makes any gift better. Whether it’s from someone else or if we treat ourselves. A leather…

  • Dec302016
    Horween leather tannery

    Horween Leather Company

    Horween Leather Company Chicago in 1893 was exciting: Skyscrapers soaring 10 stories into the heavens. Department stores with counter after…

  • Aug192016
    Gifts for Her

    Gifts for Her from Leather

    Some people get really surprised, when they find out that choosing a gift is not so easy and exciting. Of…

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