• Aug232018

    Why is Moleskine so Popular

    What do Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, Lady Gaga, Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, and Angelina Jolie have in common? Moleskine.…

  • Aug142018
    best travel journals

    5 Best Travel Journals to Take On Your Next Trip

    True, technology has spread widely across the globe, now you can do virtually everything with a smartphone or a personal…

  • Jun262018
    travel journal

    10 Innovative Ways To Use A Travel Journal

    A travel journal is a must-have item for a person who loves traveling and travels a lot. With a travel…

  • Jan232018
    how to write personal diary

    How to Write Personal Diary

    Having to write a personal diary can indeed be a strange experience for most individuals, but the reality is that;…

  • Jan162018
    blank leather journal

    13 Ways to Use a Blank Leather Journal

    So you just purchased a blank leather journal or received one as a gift? Great! You might also have found…

  • Jan092018
    leuchtturm1917 vs moleskine

    Leuchtturm1917 vs Moleskine: What is the Difference?

    A notebook is one of the most personal possessions a person can own. It is a lot of things in…

  • Nov142017
    Moleskine leather notebooks

    Moleskine Notebook Guide

    Here at olpr., we are often asked by our partners, customers, and friends about differences between our products, especially when…

  • Nov292016
    Midori Leather Cover


    Midori Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Dr. Seuss Midori…

  • Nov202016
    Leuchtturm1917 - OleksynPrannyk


    The Leuchtturm1917 journal is the result of tradition and innovation. It continues the Leuchtturm reputation for superior quality, creative design, and customer service that began 100 years ago.

  • Nov112016
    How to keep Journal - OleksynPrannyk - Moleskine leather journal Cover

    How to Keep a Journal

    How to Keep a Journal You have selected a very fine journal. You love looking at it. You have found…

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