• Jan162018
    blank leather journal

    13 Ways to Use a Blank Leather Journal

    So you just purchased a blank leather journal or received one as a gift? Great! You might also have found…

  • Dec122017
    Hiking in Asheville

    Hiking in Asheville with olpr. Team

    Our happy little olpr. crew loves embracing life to the fullest. We are all about leaving our phones and tablets…

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    christmas gift ideas for men

    The Best Christmas Gifts For The Men In Your Life

    Christmas is right around the corner, and along with it comes joy, laughter, happiness, hope, and snow. We can’t leave…

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    leather wallet

    History of Wallet: from Tool to Ultimate Fashion Accessory

    When you think about it, lots of items that we take for granted and carry or wear on a day…

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    Horween Leather Company

    Horween Leather Company Chicago in 1893 was exciting: Skyscrapers soaring 10 stories into the heavens. Department stores with counter after…

  • Nov112016
    How to keep Journal - OleksynPrannyk - Moleskine leather journal Cover

    How to Keep a Journal

    How to Keep a Journal You have selected a very fine journal. You love looking at it. You have found…

  • Nov072016


    What do Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, Lady Gaga, Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, and Angelina Jolie have in common? Moleskine. What is the only journal to be memorialized in a song? Moleskine. What journal has appeared in two movies? Moleskine.

  • Nov032016
    Why Keep a Journal

    Why Keep a Journal

    Why Keep a Journal

    “I have no time for that. I have too much to do already.”

    “My life is humdrum. There’s nothing to write about.”

    “I’ve never been good at writing.”

    Okay, you’ve told me why you can’t keep a journal. I’m going to tell you why you can and you should.

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    Gifts for Her from Leather

    Some people get really surprised, when they find out that choosing a gift is not so easy and exciting. Of…

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    Leather Gifts for Him

    GIFTS FOR HIM Father, brother, colleague or man of your dreams – they are so different, but so similar when…