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What to Consider When Choosing a Bullet Journal?

What to Consider When Choosing a Bullet Journal?

Bullet journal is the basic item needed for proper space and plan organization in your notebook. This is an excellent option when it comes to the need to create the planning layout and add in accordance with your necessities. One of the most important features and specifications is the fact that you plan and add it all by yourself.

However, with the modern options and innovative solutions, you can get a quality bullet notebook without any special efforts. The only thing you will have to do is make choices.

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olpr. is an up-to-date store that provides its clients with an unlimited list of innovative items and quality things. Instead of changing your plans often and staying spontaneous all the time, you can take the maximal advantage out of the bullet journal, listing all your plans, appointments and meetings in order to miss none.

If you are a person that likes to stay organized and always aware of your daily plans, you need to have one of those exclusive bullet notebooks. It is definitely a modern trend that is gaining popularity and appreciation.

Basically, a bullet journal is a revolutionary combination of the ordinary notebook and an extraordinary organizer. The item will help you track the past, manage the present and plan the future.

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Have you ever used a planner before? Forget about it since the system is completely different. Instead of using pre-printed pages, you will have to fill in the blank pages of the notebook with different things that cover all the aspects of your life. The item is ultimately needed for people, who have many responsibilities and no time to deal with planning.

Are you ready to give it a try? Then, you need to opt for the best bullet journal. How to make the right decision? Take your time to consider the following factors:


The first question you need to answer is the size of the journal you need. If you are not a real businessman who has several appointments every day, you, probably, don’t have to purchase A4 format notebook. However, it is an optimal size for those, who may require some space for extra thoughts or ideas.

If you are not much of a writer, A5 will be enough. You will still have an opportunity to write down all the most important notes and mention the key stages of your day. It is the most common type of bullet journal preferred by the vast majority of customers.

Once you need to take your notebook with you to every meeting and keep tracking all day long, you may enjoy A6. It is the size suitable for purses and bags without taking too much space. A range of online stores provides customers with other sizes of bullet journals, offering even more convenience.


Once you are done with the size, you need to think about the quality of the paper used in the notebook. Smoothness and thickness are the two factors that contribute greatly to the way you write.

The type of paper will not do any bad to your plans, but the vast majority of clients prefers higher-quality paper. Better quality paper is the guarantee of a smooth finish, minimal feathering, and high opacity.

Unfortunately, an average person cannot measure the thickness or other specifications of the paper, which means you cannot know the quality of the pages within the selected notebook for sure. However, each item has special signs on it, specifying its quality.

G/sqm is the way to measure the weight of your paper. Besides, opting for a bullet notebook, you need to consider the type of instruments you will use, which means that you cannot use a quality fountain pen properly on a low-quality notebook. The results of such combinations are frequently disappointing.

Apart from the quality of the paper, it is necessary to take into account the overall volume of the notebook. Keep in mind that the more pages the journal has, the longer it will serve. Depending on your plans and preferences, you may start a smaller notebook and use it for several months or get a bigger one, writing down important notes during the whole year.

Anyway, keep in mind that starting a new bullet journal is always not an easy task.


Spiral or case bound? Glued, or thread-stitched? Flat open or not? Coils or spirals in-between the pages? These are the common characteristics of the item, which may contribute to your choice. Consider future events thinking about the places where you will use the item. Depending on these factors, your choice may also vary.


An overwhelming majority of companies provides clients with the most different options that can meet the requirements even of the most demanding customers. Thus, such platforms offer their customers a chance to opt for plain, squared, lined or dotted options. This characteristic may not interfere with the quality of the bullet journal, but rather its usefulness and convenience.

Good Journals for Bullet Journaling

Once you are in search of a perfect item for everyday use, you need to purchase the best one. A quality leather notebook is an optimal thing that will guarantee maximal durability and undeniable quality. Here are the two most common types of bullet notebooks:

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

The initial index page with 249 pre-numbered pages;
80g/sqm ink proof paper;
A5 lined or dotted layout;

Moleskine Bullet Journal

240 pages;
70g/sqm paper which is acid-free;
The size: 5" x 8-1/4";
Hardcover, lined or dotted layout.

Personalized Bullet Journals from olpr.

The only decision to purchase a quality bullet journal is not enough. It is necessary to find the best place where to buy bullet journal.

olpr. is a unique company that provides its customers with the most innovative and quality solutions. Premium class designs, 100% leather covers, additional accessories, engraved and embossed options and other advantages are available at olpr.

Enjoy the combination of up-to-date options, modern services, and competitive costs. Use only quality leather bullet journals to organize, memorize and plan.

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