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How to Host a Perfect Spring Barbecue

How to Host a Perfect Spring Barbecue

Spring is the time of the year that's referred to as the perfect barbecue season. This is because the temperature of the Earth warms up and vegetation begins to grow and bloom again. That is, trees that have lost their leaves start to reappear, giving room for beautiful outdoor activities, such as a barbecue. When you decide to host friends and family members for a barbecue, you have to make sure it is perfectly planned and prepared.

You need to make provisions for everything and tie up all loose ends before the day of the barbecue. Perfection is sometimes unattainable, but you have to do everything to make sure your barb ecue is a memorable one and not a flop.


Here are some tips to make your spring barbecue an awesome one

Plan properly

Setting up a successful barbecue requires proper planning, no matter how small your estimated crowd is. Planning would help you put everything into perspective. There won't be a chance of things going wrong. When you plan well, it helps you prepare appropriately for your barbecue. Some people suggest that a day before the barbecue, have a test run. Run the entire barbecue from the beginning to the end. This would help you point out slacks in your plan.


Carry out a cost survey before sending out invitations

One other thing that ruins a barbecue is not having enough to cater for your guests. Before jumping to the stage of sending out invitations, you have to know how much the barbecue would likely cost you. Carrying out a cost survey would familiarize you with your budget which would keep you on the safer side.


Figure out who you'd be inviting

Few things are more depressing than not having enough to feed the people you actually invited because unexpected guests popped up. To avoid a situation where you just have to invite some of your friends and the rest show up. Create a comprehensive guest list, send out invitations and indicate how important it is to come with your invitation as it would be strictly by invitation event.


Pick a theme and stick to it

Whatever setting and theme you decide to use, try as much as possible to stick to it. Changing the atmosphere is likely to ruin your barbecue. The theme you select would determine the type of food that would be served, the arrangement of setting, and also the number of guests that would be invited. So the theme really determines the atmosphere of your barbecue gets together.


Know your way around the grill

Nothing has the potential to ruin your barbecue faster than serving badly grilled meat. Knowing your way around the grill means you know the right amount of vegetable oil to use, and the right temperature that would heat it up to the right point and not burn it. If you don't have knowledge of barbecue preparation, it's advisable to outsource this activity.

You cannot have your friends and family members consuming burnt or undercooked beef, burgers, hot dogs, or chicken. If you have barbecuing skills, that's an added advantage that will make your barbecue season a memorable one. 


Stay classy and stylish while preparing your barbecue

If you are the host of a barbecue, you have to be properly dressed. Barbecuing involves contact with a whole lot of grease. Barbecue aprons are highly recommended for this activity. If a male member of the family will be manning the grill, it is important to get a men's barbecue apron. These aprons help to add a little class to your barbecue season.


Make provisions for entertainment for everyone

Your friends are likely to bring their kids because it would be the perfect opportunity for all the kids to bond and get to know each other. The only way the adults can enjoy this get together is to keep the kids occupied. As the host or hostess, try to have several planned activities for the kids.

If the kids are bored, they'd likely lose interest and would want to leave at the slightest sense of boredom. Provision of games, a bouncing castle, water balloons, arts and crafts etc would help serve as entertainment for the kids. For the adults, also plan something for them because adults could also get bored of just conversations alone. Bonding exercises are highly recommended for a barbecue.


Awesome decorations would help beautify the atmosphere

Using the theme to beautify the atmosphere is a complementary factor for your barbecue. Pick out a theme you'd find easy to interpret and manipulate to your favor. Once the theme is selected, select a decoration that would fit perfectly into the theme. If the theme is nature, you'd likely need bright and colorful decorations to complement the natural atmosphere.


Have a checklist of required items

Once the meat for the barbecue is set, check it off the list. Fruits are on the list but you won't be needing them anymore, take it off the list. You've purchased vegetable oil for the barbecue, then cross it off the list. This checklist would help you keep track of items you'd be needing and the items you already have to avoid shortage of materials and also excess purchase of materials. 


Have a properly picked out menu

Your get-together might be a barbecue but doesn't mean only meat should be served. Consider your guests when planning and picking out your menu. There's likely going to be a lot of kids around, would the grilled meat or chicken be appealing to them?

Try adopting a meal that would be appealing to the younger section of your guests. Would you be having vegetarians around? Also, pick out meal items that are vegetarian-friendly. If you're inviting friends that don't take fruits and meat, it's only right for you to put them into consideration while picking out the menu. Spring is the perfect barbecue season that allows you have a get together with close relatives and friends.

The aforementioned tips should be considered before putting the plan into motion. They would help you better understand what it takes to plan a barbecue.

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