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Things, You Didn't Know About Men’s Dopp Kit

When traveling, packing space is always at a premium, as plastic cans for packing are also fading out; therefore as a person with taste, what is your other alternative? This is where the men’s dopp kit swings in.

Are you the type that has a job that requires frequent travels, or you just realized that you need to leave the city, for the time being, then you might have seen that it’s not always suitable to travel with the whole collection of toiletries you have especially these days when the airport security has being incredibly strict towards the number of hygienic products you take on as hand luggage.

What is dopp kit? You may ask. The dopp kit also called travel kits, are portable bags, generally made out of pure leather or other materials such as nylon, polypropylene and many more to suit our style. These dopp kits are specifically designed to carry things like our toiletries, medicines and to keep them organized at home or when traveling. In the fashion world today, the kits can be used as an accessory or storage in your cars.


How the Dopp Kit Was Born

Leather dopp kit, toiletry bag, travel kit, or whatever you feel like calling it was conceived in the early 1900’s by a German, Charles Doppelt, popularly known as dopps from Chicago.

Over the years as Charles was greatly disturbed, by the rate his toiletries were always turned upside down every time he used the rail system to travel. At that moment, he thought of the ultimate solution as a successful leather-smith maker, innovate ideas began to spring out and finally he came up with the Dopp bag which later took after the name of its creator.

During the Second World War, the dopp leather bag became very popular as he went into a contract with the US military to produce more of the dopp kit for many American soldiers.


Benefits of Having a Men’s Dopp Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a long-term or on weekend trip, it’s important to always stay organized. The core benefits of the men’s leather dopp kit are listed below:

Simplicity: The Dopp kit is as simple as it looks but of great importance. Occasionally we become very pissed on our soaps for rubbing on other items in our bag or the toothbrush we use, tasting funny.

The dopp kits prevent this and enable you to pack all the necessary items you need in one place; all you have to do is carefully stick them into a small plastic, throw them inside your dopp kit and you’re ready to go.

Long Lasting: Dopp kits were made with the best material to stand the test of time; particularly the leather Dopp kits. However, if you got your Dopp kit from the right store and you’re sure that your bag was made out of quality material and seams, it should be able to last for a very long time.

Also, the dopp kit wasn’t made with items like buckles and straps, so you don’t have to worry about any detachments while in use.

Portability: Complete! Is the right word for the dopp kit; when emptied, it can be folded into almost nothing, the sides are very smooth that you can slice it into the fitted corners around you. 


Why All Men Need To Have a Leather Dopp Kit

As a man, you need to ask yourself the question why you need a dopp kit? Before Charles came about the idea to make his first dopp kit, he used to put all his toiletries in a nylon pack when he was traveling.

And back to his closet when he was home. Sure this ancient method worked, but there were few things he couldn’t change about that. Charles toiletries were always disorganized and every time he gets dripped toothpaste or broken perfumes splashed all over the place and in this baggage. 


Now, what makes a dopp kit ideal for you?

For traveling: When traveling, you don’t need to take many items with you, otherwise you will cause so much discomfort for yourself and for people around you. Instead of taking everything you have in your closet, take the necessary toiletries you need.

For Home Use: At home, you can always have a different dopp kit from the one you use in traveling, so why bother moving things every time you have to travel. You can also consider a dopp kit that is larger with more compartments for additional storage.


Things You Can Put in the Men’s Leather Dopp Kit

We’ve already talked about virtually everything on a men's dopp kit, but since things that you put in your dopp kit matters a lot on these two different occasions (traveling or not), so it’s important to note the kind of things you include in your leather dopp kit when you want to hit the road.

Bottling: You can include tiny travel bottles for items like shampoo, face wash, perfume, and conditioners.

Shaving kit: As a human, shaving kits are always essential due to our hairy nature. Kits like safety razor, shaving brush, shaving cream and aftershave should be in place

Hygiene: We can’t do without any one of these because we make use of it occasionally; deodorant, hand soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes and nail clippers.

Health: They can also be used as a mini first aid bag for items like painkillers, plasters and many more. 


Where Can I get a Quality Dopp Kit?

You can only get the best unique leather products or a replacement at OLPR Leather Goods Company at affordable prices. OLPR mission is to provide the most real experience in fashion and in uniqueness, to institute total bond with their clients through exceptional service and swift delivery.

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