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The Weirdest Hotels In The US

The Weirdest Hotels In The US

When it comes to looking at hotels to come and visit in America, have you look at the weirdest hotels in the US? Sure, not everyone loves a scare when they go to sleep. For those on an eerie adventure or simply looking to experience something a bit different to the norm, you can find weird hotels make a good starting point.

Not only can the idea of weird hotels make it hard for you to forget the experience, you’ll find it really ups the stakes on where to go. Not sure where to start? Then let us help you out with some friendly recommendations!

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These are among the weirdest hotels in the US and should make it easy for you to find somewhere extra-creepy to stay for a bit of added fun on the road.


The Wigwam Motel, Holbrook

This particular number is one of the older hotels that we can think of that you might wish to try out. It’s a fun and engaging place to come, and one that we think you will get plenty of benefits out of coming to see. It’s a rich hotel in terms of culture, having been open for the best part of 70 years. What helped it make the list of our weird hotels, though, is the fact that it has an impressive fifteen concrete teepees, all designed by Frank Redford.

There’s a car parked outside the motel, too, that makes for an easy way to remember simpler, happier times for such locations. It’s a bit different to what it may have once been, but it’s definitely a cool place to rest up if you are looking for something to be as scary as it is awesome.


Things, you might need in your next trip:


The Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood

We have no other means of describing this other than saying it out loud: this is a giant dog hotel. Its literally built in the shape of a giant beagle and is easily one of the oddest properties that we have ever seen in our life. If you are looking for weird hotels, few things can seem weirder than living in the innards of a giant dog!

This awesome hotel, though, is well worth your time to come and see. It’s very interesting layout is one thing, but the fact that it has plenty of space inside is pretty surprising. It’s a giant hotel that looks like a dog, and it even has a large decorative buddy, Toby, who hangs around the place. It might be a bit weird at first, but it’s definitely the kind of weird hotel experience you may be looking for.


The Undersea Lodge, Key Largo

A trip out to this outstanding hotel might be one of the weirdest trips that you ever take. If you decide to take this trip, you will be living underwater for the duration of your stay. You get to go 21ft underwater, and you get to take in a rather interesting two-bedroom spot that is all about giving you a comfortable (if somewhat cramped) place to stay.

The large 42” window gives you a wonderful view of all that waits, too, making it one of those experiences that can seem very weird but really should just be embraced. This underwater experience will need you to get a Scuba certification to come, though, so make sure that you look into this first and foremost. For a weird hotel that totally breaks the mold, though, you might just find this is the ideal place to crash.


The Shady Dell, Bisbee

This weird but wonderful location is probably one of the best places in the country to stay. It’s a unique hotel experience that is a fine collection of trailer homes all from the 1940s and 1950s vintage. If you are a fan of these kinds of homes, you will find a hotel that you can fall in love with waiting for you here. Not only that, but you will find that each one comes with its own awesome theme that makes it very easy for you to blend in with the whole experience.

It’s got all manner of old-school entertainment features, from board games and classic record players for you to enjoy playing around with. It’s got some nice extras, alongside the classic on-site eatery known as Dot’s Diner. Take a trip here, and you can enjoy some vintage grub and enjoy a rather different style of living.

At first, it might all seem a little odd, but The Shady Dell really is one of the most charismatic and charming, if weird hotels that we have come across. If you want something with all the charm in the world at the good cost, begin your search here!


The Clown Motel, Nevada

We all knew that one of these would pop-up eventually on you, right? The Clown Motel is a hands-down weird motel. The atmosphere is weird, the overall feeling that you get from the people can be quite interesting and you generally will likely feel like you have taken a bit of a temporary trip back in time.

More or less every item that you can find in this motel is about clowns. It’s all about clown décor, clown facts, clown history and just about anything that they could legitimately point towards being a clown-specific product overall. That comes with its own interesting factor, namely built on the fact that staying here can be a bit of an experience. If you want to enjoy a scary motel that gives you that kind of eerie feeling and that uncertainty, then come here.

Just be warned: those who don’t like clowns will find no clemency here. It’s a terrifying place, and even for those who might want to come and sample the madness is sure to be freaked out a little. Out of all the weird places that one could visit, The Clown Motel is almost certainly up there with the best.

So, which one of the weirdest hotels in the US will you choose to stay at? Where intrigues, or terrifies you, the most?

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