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The Tools You Need to Make Cocktails at Home

The Tools You Need to Make Cocktails at Home

When you want to start running your own little bar at home, one of the most important investments you can make is in a home bar tool set. With the help of a home bar kit, it becomes so easy for you to mix up your drinks at home. Instead of just drinking the same old stuff we recommend that you change it up a bit and give yourself access to some really cool tools that you could use. What, though, are the most important tools that you could have in your cocktail tool set?

Cocktail Shaker

The first item that you need is a good quality cocktail shaker. One of these will allow you to get the taste just right, as a cocktail has to be mixed properly. Without a cocktail shaker, it can be too hard to get the taste right – so make sure that you invest in a good quality cocktail shaker. cocktail shaker Using one will allow for your cocktails to be much more accurate in their overall taste.

Mixing Spoon

By the same token, your home bar kit should always have a mixing spoon in there. Even after shaking it all around for hours on end, you might not have the right taste – not yet. We recommend that you add in a mixing spoon to your collection as this will allow for a much simpler and safer mixing experience. bartender spoon This will also help to make sure that you no longer spend anything like the same amount of time trying to get the blend right in terms of the overall taste.

Wine Opener

When a bottle of wine is to be opened, it pays to open it in the right way. This is why we recommend that you make an investment in a proper wine opener. This will help to pop open the bottles and avoid any risk of anyone being hurt or otherwise. wine opener The wine opener will ensure that you have no time at all in making sure you can improve upon your drinks selection, all without spilling a single drop of wine thus reducing the risk or likelihood of wasting resources.


A strainer is useful on the basis that it allows you to get rid of any excess that might be floating around in there. A lot of cocktails are made using fresh fruit and other whole pieces that, in a drink, might not be so nice. With the help of a strainer, you make sure that the liquid comes out without issue, ensuring that you are left with a strainer that really makes a big difference to the overall consistency of your drinks. A must-have for any cocktail tool set. [products ids=“23419,23308,23299,17723”]

Ice Tongs

Hygiene matters, too, and nobody wants to be touching ice all night. Not only is doing so very cold on your hands, but it means passing on potential germs into the ice. Instead, we recommend that you spend some more time using ice tongs instead. This will help you to pull out the ice and not have to worry about your hand going so cold. While by no means the most important part of your home bar tool set, it’s still a very useful tool to have in your arsenal.


A muddler is useful for pasting and mashing down all of those fruits herbs and spices that you might use in the glass. This is very good for making sure that you can easily make the whole drink more consistent, and it also adds that vintage bar style looks to the cocktail creation process. Bottle opener If you are serious about making some good quality cocktails, then consistency is key. This helps you to get the consistency that you need with a fraction of the usual effort, allowing for more refined cocktails.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is obviously very useful and will go some way to making sure you can get the job done with a minimum of the normal fuss. Simply pick up a bottle opener and you can get most of your liquid ingredients ready to go in minutes. Bottle Opener A good quality bottle opener will allow you to do all of this while you get prepared for other parts of the drink, allowing for a far more satisfying overall experience. If your aim to make some awesome cocktails, then, you need a bottle opener.

Double Jiggers

Jiggers are a must for any cocktail connoisseur, and this one will make sure that you can get all the help that you need to complete your cocktail tool set. Pick up an awesome double jigger, and you will soon find that it becomes so much easier to manage and maintain your use of liquor measurements. Double Jiggers It’s great for making sure that your bartending skills are still accurate, and that every drink you pour is going to be to the right standard and consistency of strength overall.


Pouring is just as an important part of the art as actually making the cocktail. Getting a pourer will allow for you to get every last drop into the cup of your customer, making sure that everyone can get the cocktail exactly as it should. Pourers are often forgotten about when it comes to filling out your bag of equipment, but this kind of tool should become absolutely essential to your long-term success. Pick one of these up today, and you can really notice a big difference in your accuracy when it comes to secure, safe pouring of your cocktails.

A bartender bag

Of course, no good quality home bar tool set would be complete without an easy solution to store it all. You don’t want to risk losing any of this stuff, so we recommend that you take some time to look at the purchase of a bartender bag.

This allows you to keep all of those awesome cocktail-ready tools in one place, and ensure that you spend no time at all looking for items. This will ensure your bar remains tidy and drinks remain ambitious!

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