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The Secret to Success in Food Service is Tied to Restaurant Uniforms

The Secret to Success in Food Service is Tied to Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurants and Uniforms

Restaurant uniforms are far more important than you might think and if you have underestimated their importance in the past, you really shouldn’t anymore. A number of different things attract a first-time customer to a restaurant, apart from the food.

Sometimes the first impression a customer gets from the overall ambiance and outlook of the restaurant will be the factor that decides if they even order the meal. Nobody wants to eat at a dirty, disorganized, or unattractive restaurant. This is why it is important to place priority on other aspects of your restaurant apart from the food.

These aspects include but are not limited to customer service, the aesthetic and ambiance of your restaurant, arrangement and neatness, and orderliness of staff, and of course the clothing of your staff. Customers are really impressed when they step into a restaurant where the waiters, as well as the people behind the counter, are all uniformly dressed. It sends a message of organization and uniformity, and it’s a big plus point. It could be uniform tee shirts or button-up shirts with pants, and for safety and cleanliness purposes, this could be paired with an apron and hair net.

Gone are the days of cloth or polyester aprons with noticeable ketchup and mustard stains like shown on TV. The world is moving forward, evolving, and embracing new and modern things, and you should too.

Nowadays, customers want to be met and welcomed with class and a bit of glitz and glam. Your restaurant server uniforms should have an element that makes it stand out, and this can be incorporated in the form of bespoke aprons. They can either be aprons with pockets or without pockets, but it is advisable to use restaurant aprons with pockets so waiters can easily keep and take out their pens and jotters or any other thing they need to go about with.


The Importance of Restaurant Uniforms

In the food service business, there are a number of reasons why you should stick to and mandate a uniform for your employees. These reasons include:

The identity of your brand:

Regardless of the type of restaurant you own or manage, the uniform which your employees wear will be a core part of your restaurant’s identity. That’s why you should put a lot of thought and considering when deciding what this uniform will be. You certainly do not want your restaurant associated with subpar or classless dressing.

Motivation of your employees:

You might not know this, but the importance and benefits of restaurant uniforms go beyond the physical. When you make your employees wear uniforms, they feel a sense of belonging. Once they feel that they are part of a team (irrespective of differences in lifestyle and background), it subconsciously results in more productivity and efficiency, and they work harder. Apart from motivation, classy and well-fitting restaurant uniforms give the wearers (your staff) a sense of pride.

It makes employee identification easier for customers:

If your employees are dressed in random mufti outfits, same as the customers, it becomes extremely difficult for customers to tell them apart when they need help. This is another reason why uniforms are important. When your employees are all dressed in matching uniforms, customers know who to approach.

When members of your restaurant staff don these waxed canvas aprons, your restaurant is set apart from the hoard of other restaurants. What are you waiting for as a restaurant manager or owner to get these dazzling aprons for your restaurant?

Don’t be left behind in this revolution, and do not let your staff’s clothing be the reason behind poor sales or low customer numbers. Classy, neat, bespoke, and beautiful uniforms appeal to customers. They also help to create a professional work environment and inspire the confidence of customers in your establishment.

As earlier mentioned, you should not underestimate the importance of uniformity and the role it might play in the eventual success and thriving of your restaurant.

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