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How to Prevent Lost Luggage

How to Prevent Lost Luggage

Luggage tags, no, we don`t mean posting pictures of several suitcases with some creative and never before seen hashtags like addicted to travel, world traveler or something like that. We actually mean of actual luggage tags that you attach to your suitcase or bag in case the worst happens and the luggage gets lost. You can have your address or phone number engraved on it and if it is found they will at least know where to return it or who to call. (who you gonna call?)

Flying these days can be a very stressful experience. There are many factors that can contribute to your airport experience to be as dreadful as humanly possible. First of all, there are crowds. Airports are traditionally jam-packed with people from all around the globe and everyone seems to be in a perpetual state of rush and panic.

Then, everything is overpriced and since these days you usually need to spend several hours waiting it means you will most probably spend a lot of money in the process just for a coffee or two. The waiting itself is a nuisance of its own. Passing through ring after ring of airport security and checking your luggage all require a monumental effort in patience which is often too big of a challenge for the most of us and people get nervous and conflicts arise.

There are much more issues and problems that you can face like the plane malfunctioning or flight delay that can cost you valuable time and more importantly nerves and will to live. Here, let`s closely focus on the absolute worst thing that can happen to you.

So, you have gone through the seven rings of airport hell, passed all kind of inspections, overpaid on coffee and you have finally boarded. Your plane was 12th on the list for takeoff and it was an hour-long wait but that`s ok. You just love cramped spaces where you cannot stretch your legs not even a little bit.

After a long flight and some light turbulence along the way, you arrive at your destination. Suddenly, some of your energy and will to live is back! You are getting excited and your hate towards everything and everyone is slightly lifted (Think about when Darth Vader first considered being good while speaking to Luke that kind of feeling).

You are now at the line waiting for your suitcase, this small detail and your adventure can finally begin. In your head, you are already having an hour-long shower at the hotel and after that, the world is your oyster! In the course of some time, you start to notice that more and more people have gotten their luggage and are moving on with their trip and their lives.

It is all good still, of course, it was a big plane and there are plenty more passengers waiting for their stuff. More and more time passes and now there is just a handful of people and soon you are all alone and absolutely miserable. You realized your horrible fate and you are slowly and painfully accepting it. Your bag is not coming out and it won`t be coming out at all. Trip ruined in an instant. There is nothing that you can do prevent this unfortunately, this is entirely in the hands of flying gods and their mysterious will and ways. You can, however, take some actions that can help you in this unfortunate scenario.

We have mentioned luggage tags. It is highly recommendable to tag your bags in the unlikely event that your luggage is lost in transit or that you accidentally forget it while running around the airport it will be easier for the airport staff to return it to you if it is tagged and there is your contact info there. In addition to this, there are quality suitcases in every possible design and color imaginable so try and stand out as much as possible!

You could be carrying your luggage in some Disney themed bags, Star Wars, favorite superheroes or just some unusual color patterns to set you apart from the crowd! Keep your bags with you at all times and preferably, if possible, always in front of you so they are always within your field of vision. Basically, all that you can do, actually, is to be prepared as much as possible and plan for all options available.

Tagging your luggage is a great way to ensure that even if it does get lost by some unfortunate circumstance it will get back to you in the shortest amount of time possible. All of this being said let`s end on a high note. Traveling is something that enriches your entire being and all of the troubles you go through while at the airport is just a drop in the sea of all the experience and fun you are going to have!

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