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New iPhone XS Leather Cases from olpr.

New iPhone XS Leather Cases from olpr.

Are you looking to pick up a leather case for the new iPhone? Then you are in the right place. At olpr. we are proud to introduce our new and improved iPhone XS leather cases.

Made from top quality leather and with a richness to its design, this leather cases really provide your new Apple device with the protection that it needs. As we all know, the awesome new iPhone device is one that is drawing a hell of a lot of attention.

Seen as the next best tool on the market for lovers of the iPhone, the new iPhone looks set to be better than ever before. So, with making such an investment into new-age technology, investing a bit more into protecting it makes a lot of sense.

Why would you ever risk your new iPhone being damaged or scarped in any way, shape or form? We recommend that you take a closer look at picking up the best iPhone XS case that you can. For example, we have some fine iPhone XS leather cases that are perfect for keeping your phone safe!

What is the new iPhone XS like?

As the latest addition to the Apple family, the iPhone XS is easily one of the most impressive changes they’ve made in some time. For one, it comes with a very impressive 5.8" Super Retina HD display. This is as close to a guarantee as you will get when it comes to picking up an iPhone: it’s the perfect starting point for that touch of extra class.  

Not only that but you will find that it’s ridiculously powerful 12MP dual wide-angle and telephoto cameras really hits the nail on the head. With a 7MP TrueDepth camera, too, it offers you the perfect smartphone for picture-perfect snaps as and when you wish. If you like your iPhone XS to be extra secure, too, you can now use the wonderful Face ID setting.

This more or less guarantees that your phone is not going to be damaged or taken by anyone else; if they cannot log in, why bother? However, the fact it’s also got an impressive 2M water resistance for up to 30-minutes is huge. This means that dropping your phone in an inopportune location will no longer do the damage that you would have once expected.  

Add in the fact that it can work with using wiles chargers, too, and the iPhone XS is drawing out buyers in its droves. It has ample storage space, too, with up to 512GB of space: more than enough for even the most specific and particular of purposes. If you are looking at making the investment in a new Apple iPhone XS though, it makes sense to get an iPhone XS leather case to ensure it stays in top condition. At olpr. we believe that our quality leather phone cases make the perfect place for you to start.

Why choose olpr. iPhone XS leather cases?

  1. The art of the craft. For one, we make sure that each and every one of our iPhone XS leather case options are designed to as close to perfection as is possible. With every case handmade, it’s designed to always meet the very highest standards of integrity, quality and consistency.
  2. Made just for you. We don’t just have a litany of our new iPhone leather cases sitting in the back of the office. Instead, every leather case is made to order – so when you receive one of our iPhone XS cases or any case for that matter, you’ll know it was made specifically for you.
  3. Made to match your style. Do you have a particular blend of leather that you prefer? Is there a style or shape of leather that you prefer? Then let us know. Our iPhone cases can be made in just about any leather color or stitching color that you could ask for. Just ask, and we’ll help!
  4. Monogramming offered for free. If you want to get monogramming carried out on your iPhone leather case, we can do that for you. Simply let us know what you want to do, and we’ll take the time to put this in place for you as quickly as possible: all without adding to the overall price.
  5. The finest standards adhered to. We also only use the finest quality Horween leather. We work with the Horween Tannery to ensure that the leather we get is natural, authentic and perfect to feel, touch and look at. In essence, it’s the perfect iPhone leather case!
  6. Ready for business. We also provide an iPhone XS case with card holder features. Now, you can make sure that you impress people with your quality, your professionalism and your attention to detail. It’s a small but important step to making sure you show off your finest form.

Finding the perfect iPhone XS leather case

There are many reasons to pick up a quality leather case for your new iPhone. If you are unsure of where to start, then we would be more than happy to help you make a decision that you can be conscious of. All that you need to do is contact our team today, and we can begin the process to create a stunning iPhone XS leather phone case that is tailored to your own personal needs.  

From a wallet case to a card holder, you will find it very easy to make sure you have that swagger and energy with you at all times. Aside from making sure that your iPhone XS looks great, though, our leather protectors will make sure that it’s both easily identified as yours and that it can be protected from the elements, from physical damage and from wear and tear.

So if you went out there to buy the new Apple iPhone XS, it might be time to keep it safe. Why make such an investment and then leave its operation to chance? Play it safe. Buy a new iPhone XS leather case today and reap the rewards of guaranteed safety.

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