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Leosklo – Pioneer and Expert in Glass Accessories

Leosklo – Pioneer and Expert in Glass Accessories

Leosklo is the young but rapidly developing company that produces home décor. Geometrical forms, minimalism, glass, and metal are combined to create unique forms and exclusive accessories. The stained-glass workshop is the revolution in the modern market of home décor, as all the products are handmade and can fit any interior. The company was established in 2014, the year when its growth and development started. Since then, it has gained popularity not only in Ukraine but around the world.


Basically, the company was established by two brothers, Danylo and Ostap. However, currently, there are six people working on the project. Besides, it is necessary to mention that the key responsibilities are shared by the brothers: Danylo is in charge of the creative part and operation, while Ostap takes care of advertising and finance.

High level of trust, mutual understanding and support are the priorities of the company. The brothers are always ready to replace one another in order to keep the business properly functioning. Initially, the company started just as an interesting project that didn’t even bring money. Currently, it is a pretty good family business, which is profitable.

The secret of success lies not only in a well-organized and highly professional team but also in the exclusive idea, innovative technologies, and creativity used for the creation of each and every item of décor.

History of Leosklo

Leosklo as a new brand of home décor appeared on the market in 2014. Danylo was the first one to consider the idea and start working, but later on, Ostap also joined the team, so the brothers started their active work on the new project and innovative concept. The time of the company establishment was not difficult but rather challenging. One of the most complicated issues was finding the commodity market and starting the first sales.

The initial financing was not immense, but the team had the necessary equipment and skills to produce quality accessories. The materials were ordered from foreign partners in order to guarantee maximal durability and quality of the final products. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian market of stained-glass products is very limited, so the team has to cooperate with American and Chinese platforms that are more developed in the sphere and offer all the instruments needed.

The first profit was earned right the moment when the team of Lepsklo found their product – a florarium. Currently, their geometric forms, a combination of metal and glass, unique colors and fascinating designs gain international attention, so that Leosklo can sell its products on the world market. However, the establishers of the company are always in search of new ideas and concepts. They realize the temporary popularity of terrariums and florariums, so they understand the need for expansion and development of the assortment.

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Key Principles and Priorities of the Company

It may sound unusual, but the main principle of the team is responsibility. A careful and deliberate approach to production is halfway to success.

Customers also value unique ideas and 100% handcrafted terrariums offered by Leosklo. The company sells its products both in Ukraine and internationally, and over the years, the number of clients has not decreased, irrespective of the increasing competition. The reasons are simple and include quality, timeliness, and rapidity.

Striving for perfection, the team spent too much time on details but with time and skills they received, the process became faster. Nowadays, Leosklo can boast of a high level of perfection, functionality, and durability of offered products. Reputation and appreciation are also crucial points that influence the team.

Leosklo always works on the implementation of new technologies, perfection of the process and delivering top-notch accessories to clients. While the modern market is filled with companies distributing terrariums, Leosklo always stands out in the crowd. What is the reason? Constant growth and improvement.

The customer-oriented policies of Leosklo are widely appreciated, as they are the guarantees of high quality, competitive cost, and functionality of the product. Clients can choose the design to their liking from a wide assortment of glass terrariums.

No matter if you need just a home décor, want to use items for photo shoots or decoration of your wedding hall, Leosklo accessories are the exact things. Bright designs, unique shapes, transparent glass, and tender metal frames add some delicacy and sophistication to the terrariums.

Vision of Leosklo Future: Development and Implementation of New Technologies

The success of the current project is important, but having a vision and plans for future development is much more necessary. Thus, the team of Leosklo is always in search of new ideas and concepts. They are working on the expansion of the market, perfection of the products and constant improvement of their skills.

The company collaborates with olpr. that produces 100% handcrafted leather products. Both teams are convinced that the quality of products, intimacy, and trust are precious features that help any project to succeed. Consequently, Leosklo has brilliant chances for a successful future not only in Ukrainian but also US and other markets.

Currently, the brothers together with other members of Leosklo team consider new ideas on how to increase the functionality of terrariums, diversify them and make them more cost-effective. Anyway, the team is in constant search of new ideas, development and new experience. Hand-made florariums and terrariums made of stained glass are the future of home décor.

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