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How to Choose a Quality Wallet

How to Choose a Quality Wallet

The moment you start receiving a salary or other regular payments you, probably, start thinking about purchasing a wallet. Is it simple? We’d say no. Apart from the overall looks, there are several other features and functions to consider. Actually, there are so many factors to consider...

Why do you need a classy wallet? Should it be functional? Can it look good? Right, these are the normal, typical questions of any person who is in search of a good deal. olpr. offers unique solutions here. A wide assortment of leather wallets made of the top quality full grain leather will help you opt for the exact thing you need. Consider the style, color, functionality, and several other specifications before you opt for the item. 

Styles of Wallets

What is the first thing to consider? The wallet style, for sure. Well, you may say that the purpose of the wallet is all the same, but a wide variety of available items will help you get the maximum out of the selected option. Here are several most appreciated and frequently purchased items:
  • Zip around. The item can bring an extra level of security and functionality. The option contains multifunctional compartments for loose coins, so you can store money safely. While opting for this type of wallet, you need to pay due attention to its size, as the zipper goes all the way around the wallet, so it can frequently add some bulkiness;
  • Billfold. A classic, ultimately appreciated item can be folded in half. One of the important features is the presence of card compartments on each side. Rear pockets are there for unfolded cash bills. Listen! That’s the simplest and sleekest type of the wallet available on the market;
  • Card holder. The minimalism of this wallet type is appreciated by the vast majority of its users. The item is elegant and so necessary in the era of credit cards and cashless payments. Generally, such items are aimed at carrying cards, not coins or banknotes;
  • Travel. Probably, this is the largest version of wallets offered in the market. This wallet has enough room for checks, passport and ticket stubs as you travel around. Bad news! It may not be necessary for everyone, as it is too big for daily use. Good news! It is exceptionally convenient and handy when rushing through customs;
  • Breast. This option has been created specifically for holding banknotes without folding or creasing. What is essential about the item? It has enough space for essentials and no room for other stuff.

Choose the Right Color

Once you have selected a certain type of wallet, you may think you are done. But, in fact, the process keeps going. If you pay your attention on a unique leather wallet, you need to consider not only premium quality of leather. An inevitable point here is to choose a leather wallet of the proper color.

Probably, you have already noticed that a wallet is not only a stylish accessory but a helpful hand and necessary assistance. Red, green and golden wallets are the most popular, as these colors are associated with prosperity and wealth. For instance, green is likely to attract the power of money; golden is all about wealth, while red is related to a long-lasting financial frugality.

Size Counts

The size of the wallet is an individual thing, which should be taken into account while making the final choice. You don’t want to look like a crazy horse with a huge, but empty wallet. It is better to opt for the one suiting your needs and desired. A spacious and outstanding wallet that is not convenient for use may not be the top choice. Instead, opt for an exclusive, handcrafted item that has enough space to meet your needs and keep cash in good condition and orderly. 


Keeping It Clear

You think we are done, don’t you? Oh, no, the criteria keep coming. Even buying the best quality leather wallet, you may not be 100% sure it will stay in good condition forever. Watch for distractions and make sure your wallet is clear from it. No matter if you are looking for a wallet for men or women, you should concentrate your attention on the compartments it has.

That’s the simplest way to deal with all the checks, bills, banknotes, and other items inside. Besides, it is the ultimate way to take maximal care for your cash. Buying an orderly, rugged leather wallet with proper compartment division will help you get the full picture of what you have, what you owe, etc. 


What to Avoid

What is the main factor that contributes to your choice? Do you pay more attention to style or how to choose a good leather wallet that is both quality and cheap? In fact, there are so many things that prevent you from purchasing 100% leather, quality, and durable purse:
  • Design as the crucial factor. When you need to put several banknotes, checks and bills into your glamorous wallet, its space matters more than design;
  • Color as the priority. If you constantly use the wallet, you need to consider not only the color and its meaning, but also the functionality. A quality handmade leather wallet, especially customized one, may serve the best solution;
  • Price above quality. That’s one of the most frequent mistakes when a customer is looking for a cheaper item. Instead, quality wallets cannot be cheap, though they will offer a good value for money;
  • Leather is the last choice. It is a well-known fact that genuine leather is exceptionally durable and doesn’t require much care. Thus, a quality leather wallet may be the exact product you need.

Leather Wallet Comparison with Other Materials

Still considering the best item? olpr. is the platform that will help you deal with the problem. Only high-quality items made from genuine Horween leather will serve you for years. Made in USA, the quality of the wallets is approved by experts and users. Forget about thin cloth options and make the right decision in favor of a quality leather wallet.

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