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How to Protect Your Table From Scratches

How to Protect Your Table From Scratches

Are you tired of finding more and more scratches on the dining room table? Maybe it’s the kitchen or living room table or possibly your writing desk. Either way, without protection, the tables in your home are sure to be scratched for one reason or another. But how do you protect your table from scratches? In this article, we will take a closer look at leather table protectors and the best way to protect your table from scratches.


Protecting Your Table From Scratches

Well, the easiest and obvious solution is to be more careful but in reality, this is often out of your control. For this reason, you need something in place that can physically prevent these incidents from inflicting scratches on the table. However, this is often where people go wrong. For example, many people will opt for a tablecloth as the most suitable way to prevent scratches to a table. Indeed, the tablecloth can soak up spillages and stop the kids from marking the tables with crayons. But on the other hand, this is just about as much protection as they can offer.


The Problem with Tablecloths

Tablecloths are made of a fabric and while they can be relatively cheap, they need to be replaced, often. Although whether this tablecloth is old or new, it is still unable to prevent scratches. And then there are the plastic table cloths which offer a much more durable means of protecting the table. However, they are still not the most effective and who really wants a plastic sheet on the tables of their home? Moral of the story: plastic is ugly and you can end up buying one table cloth after another yet still end up with scratches on the table. Tablecloths are not an ideal solution for preventing scratches.


The Importance of the Table Protector Pad

As you know, table protector pads are designed to protect the table from any potential harm. The pad itself will usually have an attractive side and then the other consists of a slightly sticky surface. Needless to say, this stops the table protector pad from moving around and provides a reliable surface for nearby objects at the same time.

In fact, for any serious writer, the leather desk pad is an essential accessory for their writing table. As you might expect, the leather pad provides the perfect amount of resistance for writing. That is to say, this pad offers the ideal surface on which to write. However, this pad has a dual purpose in that it also protects the table from scratches.

Needless to say, if the pen slips or ink is spilled, the table protector pad will prevent damage to the surface. It may seem obvious but as a writer, the table protector is one of the most pragmatic items you can possibly own. Now: It should go without saying that this is merely an example.

After all, while a table protector pad is idea for writers, they serve a purpose in any room, in any home, office or other environments. That being said, if you do write or perform some kind of office work in the home, a table protector pad is an obvious fit for you.

The Appeal and Durability of Leather

Table protector pads have a very distinct function but it must also be said that they can offer a touch of class. For example, leather table protectors are both elegant and aesthetically appealing which can certainly jazz up the appearance of your room.

Also, leather protector pads are not inclined to produce any glare from incoming light. Further, you should know that this is an incredibly durable material and one that will last a very long time. But that’s just part of the story… There is also such thing as cheap leather and this is something to be avoided. Leather should come from a quality hide and if not, there are likely to be imperfections, which ruin the appearance.

Finally, this cheap quality leather will not last as long as leather from a quality hide. Anyway, if you care about the appearance of your home, leather table protector pads are the perfect accessories to protect your tables from scratches.

olpr. - Quality Table Protector Pads Made of Leather

At olpr., we create the most attractive and appealing leather table protector pads you can imagine. But wait there’s more… We handcraft these table protector pads with great care and take our leather from the highest quality hide. Our desk pads are made of chromexcel or dublin leather and feature a non-slip surface which is also suitable to use as a mouse pad.

Featuring simple stitching around the outside, the table protector is simple yet elegant in appearance while each of our desk pads is fully waterproof. Although the same in terms of durability, these pads are available in different colors to ensure there is one to suit almost any environment.

With this in mind, as with all of our leather products, this table protector pad is almost as much about class, as it is about functionality. If you want to protect your table from scratches and you love the feel and aesthetic of leather, a table protector pad is most certainly the best way to go about it.

Do you have any questions about our leather table protector pads? Please let us know in the comments!

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