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Double Apple Watch Band

Double Apple Watch Band

Double Apple Watch Band

A couple weeks ago I saw advertising of new Double Apple Watch Band by Hermes. I was so exited because Hermes is my favorite brand and now Hermes with Apple. I think it’s good marketing step for both of companies. I wish I had this watch double strap by Hermes. But for the pricing I realize it is not right now time for this huge for me purchase. And I decided that I need to make something like this double Apple watch band but by my team. What speciality we can create after so famous brand like Hermes. And yo know my point was to make this type of band available for everyone. We have made this watch band. it’s taken a lot of work but result is worthwhile. Here you can see of processing of making double tour watch band.

Process of making double Apple watch band so amazing but have some cons. Sometimes people write that this band is awesome but sometimes we have notices that size was too big or too small. Depending on how everyone like to wear watch strap, pretty loose or tight.

But the best thing happen when you receive review about what amazing and high quality crafting. One word we are do one’s best.



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