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Choosing a Quality Leather Wallet for Every Occasion

Choosing a Quality Leather Wallet for Every Occasion

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When it comes to fashion, the wallet is not always a priority for men. However, as such a common item with everyday utility, choosing a quality leather wallet is undoubtedly one of the quickest and subtle ways to make a bold statement in terms of fashion.

At the same time, there many imitations which fail to live up to expectation and even more which do little to enhance the overall style or appearance for men. That is to say, the finer details of a man's dress sense are always obvious and can speak volumes in terms of his approach to care and attention to detail.

With this in mind, you should find that the best men's leather wallet is an integral accessory to any outfit and often as attractive or stylish as it is functional. That being said, let us take a quick look at the two main styles which often separate the best men’s leather wallet from the restroom the pack:

Choosing a Cut Edge or Turned Down Wallet Design

As already mentioned, there are imitations for almost every type of material and this is certainly true with leather. In most cases, a quality leather wallet may be more expensive but the truth is, they last longer and this superior quality is usually obvious to the naked eye.

As a rule, low-quality leather wallets consist of imperfections or blemishes of some kind, while a quality leather bifold wallet is usually sanded and varnished to avoid this happening. You may also want to consider the different types of wallet, for this will also make a significant difference to the owner.

“Cut Edge” refers to a quality leather wallet which leaves an exposed edge after being cut and stitched back together. On the other hand, “Turned Edge” wallets feature thin edges which have been folded and stitched into place.

In case you might be asking yourself, the difference between these two is simply that the latter is more time-consuming process which gives the wallet a stronger edge which is likely to last longer. Either way, both the lifespan and general appearance of a wallet will change according to the above design.

Choosing a Suitable Style for Men’s Wallets

In some instances, choosing a wallet may simply be a case of finding the most convenient option to carry your personal values. However, this is also an opportunity to choose a stylish accessory which can complement the style and appearance of pretty much any outfit.


Zip Wallet

Although you may not see this one as often nowadays, the zip around wallet is one of the most secure wallets which also makes it easier to carry coins. Indeed, carrying coins in a wallet is not always necessary but regardless, some owners will appreciate the multipurpose compartments, even if the zip makes them busier and more awkward to carry.


BiFold Wallet

The leather bifold wallet is extremely popular for good reason. In fact, the thin design and sleek appearance of a bifold wallet are often enough to make a decision for most men. That being said, the simplicity and functionality of a leather bifold wallet are second to none and so is the ease at which they can be slipped into even the slimmest pair of pants.


Travel Wallet

In many ways, the travel wallet is not the most conventional. Although much bigger than any other wallet, there is usually no need for men to carry such a wealth of compartments around with them. In other words, travel wallets contain ample spacious to hold plane tickets, cheques, money, and other documents which are generally not needed outside of a traveling lifestyle.


Breast Wallet

Again, the breast wallet is quite big compared to many of the best men’s leather wallet. As with the travel wallet above, they hold ample cards, money, and other important documents but the truth is, they are not convenient for most situations and it often requires a bag to facilitate them. Yes, you can fit a great wallet in your pocket but really, they take up far too much space for a jacket pocket over a long period of time.


Card Holder

Card holders are definitely the most minimalistic designs available but for the fact that they only cater to cards, they are not always suitable. That being said, aside from the bifold wallet, this is one of the more popular choices in recent times.


Choosing Authenticity over Immitation

As you can see, there are many options in terms of the style of wallets but the bifold wallet is arguably the most attractive at this time. Furthermore, it must be noted that some men will choose to own more than one wallet and in which case, they can obviously alternative between a card holder or a travel wallet whenever they need arises.

Either way, this plethora of styles and a deep sense of attention to detail is somewhat symbolic of the increased attractiveness of the men's wallet. In this respect, you may find decent imitations and useful wallets but there is simply none which offers the same bold statement and distinct durability as a quality leather wallet for men.

The Convenience of a Men’s Leather Wallet

While the watch is for telling the time and coats are for keeping warm, the wallet will always have the same utility for holding and organizing money. At the same time, accessories are now seen as an important extension for outfits and style in general while the quality of these wallets will usually determine their value.

Indeed, the popularity and importance of leather wallets has increased in recent years with more and more men recognizing both the functionality and pleasing appearance of their design. With this in mind, we can see that the leather wallet is not only a useful everyday item for men but also an investment in personal style and one that should last for a very long time.

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