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Best Photography Locations in Charleston, SC

No matter where you are, you need the best pictures and this can only be gotten when pictures are taken in the best photography locations. Charleston, South Carolina is a very beautiful and scenic town in the Southern United States. It has a very homely charm, and it is filled with amazing restaurants, scenic houses, roads of cobblestone, parks, beaches, and beautiful gardens.

Charleston is one of the most visited places in South Carolina, and it deserves this honor. If you find yourself in Charleston while on vacation or when you’re paying a visit to a family member or friend, you might need amazing pictures to remember the trip by. You might also live in Charleston and you’re in search of the best places to take the most interesting pictures for Instagram or for a photography course.

Whichever category you belong to, you are in luck, because Charleston is a haven for photographers and Instagrammers alike. While some people might not know the good places for photoshoots in Charleston and often ask, “Where can I take pictures?”, there are actually so many places where you can take amazing pictures. It all depends on your personal style or what you’re in search of.

There are many scenic ideas, including but not limited to water, plantations, marina, urban, and carnivals.

Here are some of the best photography locations in Charleston, South Carolina

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens: This location is known all over Charleston and beyond for its natural and breathtaking scenery. It also houses a lot of historic structures, and it’s practically impossible to take a bad picture in this place.

The plantation has a number of unique bridges that reflect beautifully over the crystalline water. It can’t be denied that the spotlight of this place is the gardens. The gardens have been the center of attraction since the 1870’s, drawing in tons of visitors. The organization of the gardens is such that no matter what season or time of the year you visit, there will always be flowers to appeal to the sight.

St. Michael’s: This is the oldest church edifice known to the locals of Charleston, and the erection was finished in 1761. It’s also renowned as one of the United State’s only churches with its original design. It’s painted white, with some beautiful and intricate architectural designs.

It is extremely beautiful and you must not pass up an opportunity to take a few shots here. Another interesting fact about this church is that during George Washington’s 1791 tour to the South, St. Michael was where he worshipped.

Nathaniel Russell House: You have a wide array of historic houses to pick from in Charleston, but Nathaniel Russell House is one of the few that stand out from the crowd. This is because while lots of the houses in Charleston were built in a similar style, this house was built to resemble a London townhouse.

This house is also well decorated and fitted with the best amenities of its time such as a one-of-a-kind spiral staircase because Nathaniel Russell was a very powerful and wealthy man in his lifetime.

The County Park at Folly Beach: This location, like the rest of Charleston, is extremely beautiful. The best time to take your photos is either in the late evening or very early in the morning when there aren’t many people there. There are very extreme tidal changes at The County Park, so no matter how many times you take a picture there, there’s an original landscape.

The Beaches in Charleston: The best time to take advantage of the scenery of any of the beaches in Charleston is during sunrise. The beaches are generally beautiful and capture the essence of the earth, and the meeting of earth and water is captured in every frame. At sunrise, you’ll most likely be on your own, and the serenity can lead to more innovation and creativity.

The campus of the College of Charleston: Charleston’s own college has a very scenic and beautiful campus. It has very picturesque scenery and a number of historic buildings. Don’t forget to take your camera along when taking a tour of the campus.

Rainbow Row: This name was rightfully earned, as E Bay Street consists of a line of brightly painted and colorful houses. These houses are historic and extremely beautiful, and Rainbow Row might just be the most photographed place in Charleston.

Rainbow wasn’t always this beautiful, as the houses were left in bad conditions in the aftermath of the Civil War. A few women native to Charleston deserve credit for the widely admired pastel colors which the houses on Rainbow Row are now painted with. The blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink tones which these houses are painted in makes Rainbow Row one of the most photographed locations in Charleston.

Take a walk in downtown Charleston: Every corner you turn in downtown Charleston, there’s unbelievable beauty waiting for you. How else can you capture this beauty except to take captivating pictures at every chance you get?

There are alleyways, gates, church edifices, streets with Cobblestone, and gardens to explore, and you get to take in everything at once. You’ll also discover some unheard of nooks and crannies that will turn out to be photography landmines.

Hyde Park Farm & Polo Club: This can be referred to as one of Charleston’s hidden gems, as not too many people know about the beauty of this place. It consists of a very large and expansive space that’s very picturesque, and your pictures will turn out beautiful every time.

A number of polo invitationals and even PopUp Dinner Charleston have all been held at Hyde Park Farm & Polo Club. Getting even a few shots from a number of, or all of the aforementioned locations is enough to fill up a photo album or to keep your Instagram feed updated with new pictures for the week.

These locations perfectly reflect the beauty and serenity of Charleston, one of the most scenic and historic cities in the United States.

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