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A Gentleman’s Guide to Leather Bag Styles

A Gentleman’s Guide to Leather Bag Styles

The typical leather bag has the reputation of being flexible, colorful, durable, and convenient. Made from a variety of animal skin, these bags cater for your clothes, office files, PC or other smaller personal belongings.

Not only do they come in different shapes, textures, and sizes but also they serve a variety of purposes. Apparently, most women understand their use, and this is why the best choices are designer leather bags. Now, we have the most popular leather bag styles for men. Also, you’ll learn how to use them to move your big as well as small items around conveniently.

Why do Men Need Bags?

People appreciate most leather bag styles for their sophistication, quality, and material. To begin with, cowhide leather, faux leather, and sheepskin leather are some leather types for making designer leather bags. And when you decide to get the best leather bags for men, you really need to define your needs.

So, why exactly do men need bags? Just as women need bags to keep their purse, phone(s), and keys, for example, men need bags. If you’re an IT specialist, you sure need a bag that’ll hold your laptop, cables, phone, and the like. Whether it’s a messenger bag or a backpack, you need a leather bag as a necessary accessory to match your dress sense or move around with ease. Below are some reasons men generally need bags. Feel free to add more which may apply to you.

  • To make a fashion statement
  • For a professional look at an interview
  • To travel conveniently
  • For keeping their body/skin care items together
  • To pack for business trips/holidays
  • To run quick errands
  • For grocery shopping
  • To pack your gym clothes
So, if you’re one of those men who never thought a leather bag was a necessity, there you go! Meanwhile, we don’t disagree that it’s possible to get on the road without a bag. It depends on what makes you tick.

Most Popular Men’s Leather Bags

Handmade leather bags remain the brilliant choice of any man who appreciates style and class. Your bag shouldn’t be “just any bag”. Whether you choose a duffle bag or the dopp kit, ensure that you target quality and functionality in your leather bag.

Plus, if you prefer the custom leather bags, you get something more practical and perfect for your packing needs. Next are five fantastic leather bags for men. And what makes them remarkable is their original design. Read on!

Leather Messenger Bag

Are you thinking of the right bag for your laptop, tablet, and book? The messenger bag is a small and suitable leather bag option for men who prefer to move around with little things in their bag. Of course, nobody enjoys carrying a heavy backpack or suitcase.

Our brown leather messenger bag is made from cowhide leather which guarantees its durability and function. Its shoulder strap provides the stylish edge which makes it a must-buy for many men.

Work Bag

If you’re the regular suit or blazer guy, you won’t need a backpack or messenger bag. The laptop bag is the way to go. While it’s a guaranteed storage for your laptop, chargers, journals, and extra items, it’s, even more, a travel companion with a clean and professional design.

The strong leather and lasting designer effects can make your movement from one place to another memorable as well as safe. And remember that if it feels right in your hands, then it’s just perfect for you.

Leather Backpack

With the best leather backpack, you can carry essentials without any hitches. You can now store your electronic devices, notepads, journals, chargers, pens, pencils, and other gadgets in the different compartments in this leather bag.

Aside from the obvious fact that it’s reliable and of high-quality, our black leather backpack for one is made of soft leather and neat stitching. Our designer bags combine fashion with function, especially when you decide to order something customized.

Duffle Bag

The next time you’re going on a business trip or a short holiday, you should pack your clothes in a duffle bag. Ask me why. This leather bag is creatively designed to contain all your necessary travel items.

And the best part is that it’s fashionable and rightly shaped so that it’s not excessively big and formless. Our brown Italian leather duffle bag takes into account your needs for something that’s water-resistant. Equally important is its sturdy nature which allows you to love its texture and practical form.

Dopp Kit

No questions, men have to shave, brush, groom, and care for their skin. It’s not just a woman’s thing. And only a Dopp kit can bring all your toiletries together in one neat place. Think about a long-lasting leather bag with natural water resistance and superior outer leather.

While women may use it for their makeup, hair, and skincare accessories, some men prefer to make it an organizer for tech gadgets and other smaller items. No matter what you choose to use the Dopp kit for, always rest assured that you’ll have it useful and strong for many years to come.

In a word, all the leather bag styles discussed in this post are prestigious for their quality, affordability, and style. If you’re convinced that your life would be easier with one or more of these leather bags for men, place your order now. All our customers love our handmade leather products. Why not join our long list of happy customers?

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