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5 Travel Destinations That Cigar Lovers Should Actually Visit

When it comes to cigar lovers, few destinations on the planet can evoke the same wanderlust as the island of Cuba. Indeed, while the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua offer a desirable alternative; Cuba is head and shoulders above the competition.

That is to say, quality is everything, and not many cigars can compare to the legendary brands in Cuba such as Montecristo and Cohiba. At the same time, this enchanting island is steeped in history and overflowing with attractions that never fail to delight visiting tourists. Furthermore, the opportunity to explore Havana in a convertible and bask in the scent of a Cohiba is reason enough for most enthusiasts to book their time off and get ready to make good use of their brand new travel cigar case.

Cigar Tours for Cigar Lovers Who Want to Travel

Although not everyone has a travel partner and not everyone is so easily convinced. For this reason, you can now find a wide range of travel itineraries which are solely focused on appeasing the solo traveling cigar lover. In fact, such is the extent of demand; the host of a popular radio show in Atlanta has recently established cigar tours to Cuba which sell out every time.

One of the main reasons for the inception of these cigar tours and the rising popularity of cigar-based travel is the increases convenience for this type of travel. After all, in spite of potential restrictions on trips to Cuba, the number of commercial flights to these destinations continues to grow. Furthermore, the affordable prices and extremely high standards of accommodation have cemented their status as vacation destinations with or without the cigars. More on that later.

Either way, combining travel and a love of cigars makes a lot of sense and with this in mind, here is a brief rundown for some of the most exciting travel destinations and why you should actually pay them a visit:

5 Exciting Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers

1. Honduras

Many cigar lovers will know about Honduras for the famous Rocky Patel Factory where visitors can take an in-depth look into the cigar making process. However, aside from the incredible lineup of cigars, Honduras is also blessed with endless natural attractions and historical landmarks.

With this in mind, the ancient ruins in Copan are some of the fascinating remnants of the Mayan people while the Rio Platano Reserve is merely an example of the natural beauty throughout the island. Finally, for the more adventurous or intrepid traveler, the opportunity to go kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and rafting ensures that Honduras has more than enough activity to make the journey worthwhile.

2. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the hottest travel destinations for North Americans. Featuring a stunning coastline, sublime coffee and some of the most enchanting volcanic landscapes in the world; you should find endless things to do in between As with Honduras, there is also the option to join cigar factory tours in Nicaragua, and interestingly, some of these include walking amidst the tobacco fields outside.

If you happen to arrive alone or need company for the day, there are also local cigar tours which make it easy to find and explore these places. Arguably the most memorable of these experiences is found at the Plasencia Cigar Factory where visitors can even create their own blend of cigar and witness the birthplace of famous blends including Alec Bradley and Casa Magna.

3. Cuba

As already mentioned, Cuba is often touted as the number one destination in which to enjoy cigars. Regarding cigar factories, Partagas is the longest running factory in Cuba and the first stop for most visitors who yearn to encounter this iconic landmark. However, the real beauty of Cuba is often found in the smaller and more unassuming plantations.

For this reason, cigar lovers are encouraged to rent a vehicle or join a cigar tour to explore the countryside. As you might expect, tobacco plantations are plentiful in rural regions, and this is also where the infamous Habano is produced. With a bustling nightlife, excellent accommodation, sublime food and Cuban rum with which to enjoy some of the finest cigars in the world; Cuba is a top priority for many cigar lovers for some very good reasons.

4. Dominican Republic

One of the lesser visited in terms of cigar travel is the Dominican Republic. In many ways, this is often for the fact that alternative destination in this part of the world offers a little bit more variety and things to do. That is to say; the Dominican Republic is best known for luxury resorts, golf, and relaxation. Indeed, you will find a stunning coastline and some interesting natural attraction, but the truth is cigar lovers come here merely to kick back and sample the local blends.

That being said, as with everywhere on this list, you will still find a multitude of cigar factory tours in the Dominican Republic which include Quesada Cigar Factory, Tabacalera De Garcia, and Don Lucas Cigars. Either way, the Dominican Republic is sure to impress the leisurely cigar lover who wants little more than to sit back in paradise and smoke to their heart's content.

5. Europe and Elsewhere

It must be said, there are many more travel destinations which offer unique cigar experiences and some of these even reside in the United States. For example, in both Las Vegas and Miami, you will find imports of every variety and the former of these two plays host to the biggest tobacco conventions in the world.

Although maybe the thought of a staycation or any of the above destinations is a little uninspiring? In such case, many people relish the prospect of a trip to Europe. After all, some of the finest bars, café’s and tobacco stores can be found in many pockets of Europe with France and Switzerland being two of the most prominent. While many of the blends will, in fact, come from across the ocean, this change of scenery and historical continent is sometimes the combination to excite cigar lovers to see the world with their favorite cigars.

As you can see, there are many options and alternatives when it comes to travel destinations for cigar lovers. While some are more affordable than others, the range of airfare and accommodation ensures there is one for every circumstance and budget. More importantly, each of these promises a memorable encounter with many attractions, not least of which is the reason to choose them – the cigar.

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