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5 Common Characteristics of Every Cigar Lover

5 Common Characteristics of Every Cigar Lover

Cigars have quite an illustrious history with their very first appearance stretching all the way back to the 10th Century, as depicted in ancient Mayan artifacts. At this time, cigars were made up of tobacco which was then rolled up in the leaves from plantain trees.

While this might seem like a very primitive version of the cigar, the truth is, the process is still mostly the same. That is to say, the make-up of cigars has changed very little since Christopher Columbus returned to Europe with his very first shipment of tobacco. At the same time, the notoriety of cigars began to grow during this time at an exponential rate with Spain, France, and Portugal taking particular interest. During this time, the Spanish identified Cuba as the perfect place to produce more tobacco, and in time, this notoriety would translate quickly to mass popularity throughout the western world.

In case you might be asking yourself, the history of cigars is considered highly significant and relevant by most cigar lovers. Although they can appreciate the unique taste of various blends, the knowledge of where these blends originate is a critical albeit subconscious part of the process.

With this in mind, here are some well-known characteristics of a cigar lover and what these curious individuals have in common with each other:

5 Common Characteristics of Cigar Lovers

1. Appreciative

Have you ever noticed that pensive look when a cigar lover is getting ready to light up? In most cases, the intricate production process evokes a distinct sense of wonder in the smoker. While this look is often anticipation of some much-needed relaxation, you will find that most regular smokers are simply excited to at the prospect of appreciating every fine detail about the process.

That is to say; cigar enthusiasts like to know the precise reasons as to why they can sense certain aspects of the flavor, from the filler and wrapper right down to the binder on a cigar. Furthermore, many smokers tend to recall these minor aspects as soon as they have a quality cigar at the fingertips.

2. Knowledgeable

Those interested in cigars also yearn to educate themselves about the production process for cigars. For this reason, factory tours and plantation visits are increasingly popular with hordes of enthusiasts seeking to understand what goes on behind the scenes. And this is a truly fascinating process, for every cigar is the culmination of more than two years of hard work and patience.

For example, tiny seeds are planted, harvested and cultivated in huge tobacco plantations. Only then, can the tobacco be fermented and allowed to age before reaching a rolling table. As you might expect, this process can take years and involves hundreds of individuals.

Yes, cigar lovers love nothing more than to feel educated about this intricate process and this will often enhance the experience, for they can then sit back and truly understand what it takes to concoct such a distinct aroma and flavorsome taste.

3. Ritualistic

For many people, smoking a cigar can seem somewhat pointless. However, cigar lovers are quick to appreciate not only the taste or aroma but also the process of smoking a cigar. In this sense, smoking is not something you do but rather a ritual in which they participate. Indeed, cigar aficionados prefer to take their time and even seek to acquire accessories to enhance the overall experience. For example, cigar enthusiasts are very particular about how they store their cigars, and a fine leather cigar case is mandatory in terms of defining the process for which they care so much. With this in mind, there are many more cigar accessories which are often the subject of cigar lover’s lust or affection. 

4. Relaxed

Cigar lovers know how to relax and more importantly, they realize the importance of setting time aside to kick back and unwind. Although this is obviously a product, as mentioned above, the cigar is regarded as an experience as opposed to an item of material.

For this reason, most smokers recognize how cigars are the perfect excuse to take time out in order to relax in a comfortable environment. After all, in such a fast-moving world, it can seem as though taking this time to relax is a privilege rather than a necessary act to enjoy life. In many ways, smoking a cigar could be seen as a forty minute absence, in which the person embarks on a journey, far from the noise and chaotic nature of their busy lifestyle.

5. Travel Minded

While not every cigar lover is motivated to travel, the thought of exploring the origins of the cigar industry is often enough reason to book a flight. From Cuba and Nicaragua to Honduras and even Europe; there are many tours and travel experiences which are solely focused on learning more about the origins of their favorite cigar.

In fact, this “travel” also extends to home, for many locations in the United States such as Miami, Las Vegas, and Tampa offer similar encounters. That being said, travel is a meaningful experience in which the passenger can learn and grow.

In fact, with so many exotic cultures and majestic landscapes to colorful people and foreign traditions; travel can often resemble the journey on which the person embarks with their favorite blend of cigar.

For the Love of an Unwavering Experience

As you know, these characteristics are not confined to cigar lovers and you will find them in every walk of life. However, the commonality of these traits is obvious, and a means through which we can better understand their unwavering affection for the process.

Whether smoking cigars is a passion or a hobby or maybe just for fun, one cannot help but notice that the aroma and taste are just the beginning of a much greater experience. Can you relate to the above characteristics? What do you have in common with cigar enthusiasts? Please let us know in the comments!

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