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5 Best Notebooks for Note Taking in the Coming Year

5 Best Notebooks for Note Taking in the Coming Year

The development of modern technologies introduced a range of innovative items that allow people to forget about paper notebooks and journals.

However, just think about the immense difference between the electronic tablet and paper journal used for taking notes. Definitely, you may highlight the simplicity of use, convenience, and order provided by the gadget, but don’t forget about the need to charge it and the risk of your notes being accidentally deleted. At this point, it is necessary to mention the compared dependability of a traditional hardcover lined journal or modern softcover notebook.

Here are several benefits of the journal you should know about:

  • It is convenient for planning and arranging your plans;
  • It helps you visualize your ideas and get a certain perspective;
  • It adds to your style and presentability.

Owning a journal and using it for taking notes is a great thing, but purchasing an original, unique and exclusive item is even more interesting. olpr. is the company that is famous for its high-quality leather products that are hand-made, following the specifications and individual preferences of clients. An exclusive leather cover for a notebook, made from durable full-grain Horween leather will be a great thing to buy and an impressive gift to present.

Below, you will see our top 5 of the best notebooks for note taking, but keep in mind that each one of them has a limited number of pages, which means that even the one with your favorite design and individual sign will be replaced at some point.

What’s the solution?

Quality, durable and long-lasting notebook from olpr. with a unique leather cover. So, even if you are done with the journal, the cover will remain the same, while the inner part will be replaced for a new one. Browse the website to check for the refills.

#1. Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook for Creative Ideas and Unexpected Plans

If you are a creative person, who is always full of new concepts and ideas, Leuchtturm1917 is the exact thing you need. This is not a regular journal but something special for people “who understand”.


The notebook is available in two variants:

  • Hardcover (5.71 x 8.27 in) with 249 pages;
  • Softcover (5.71 x 8.27 in) with 121 pages.

Basically, Leuchttrum 1917 A5 notebook is a small to-do list, journal, notebook and scratch book at the same time. There is enough space not only for your plans but also for making comments and writing down exclusive ideas.

The size of the notebook allows you to take it with you everywhere you go, preserving enough space for all the necessary notes. Known as a bullet journal, it may become a perfect assistant in your everyday life, while a personalized leather cover from olpr. will add to its style.

#2. Moleskine Classic Notebook Large – Enough Space for Great Plans

Have you ever used a traditional blank journal to write in? That’s about Moleskine Classic Notebook. The item is appreciated mainly by people, who make big notes with schemes and tables.

Generally, this notebook is a typical variant of Moleskine production with rounded corners, elastic band, and hardcover. The size is 5″ x 8.25″, which is usually enough even for intricate plans of the most imaginative users.

The notebook has 240 pages, but with the leather cover, you can replace the old notebook whenever you feel like.

#3. Pocket Size Moleskine Classic Notebook for Travelers

The Classic notebook is also offered in the pocket size (3.5″ x 5.5″) for people, who are frequently in a rush but need to make important notes.

With 192 pages, it is a dependable travel companion that is ideal for calculations, ideas, and notes. The distinguishing features of the item include:

  • Rounded corners;
  • Hardcover;
  • Elastic band;
  • Inner pocket;
  • Acid-free papers.

Additionally, there is a special loss notice on the first page that contains a reward sum for the finder in case you lose the notebook.

#4. Moleskine Cahier Notebook Large: Perfect Solution for Everyday Use

Despite a comparatively large size (5″ x 8.25″), the notebook has only 80 pages. Nevertheless, the item completely fulfills its task – making everyday notes and mentioning the ideas.

Compared to the Classic version, Moleskine Cahier notebook is much thinner, features a soft cover and has no elastic band. In fact, it is not worse than the traditional version; it is just different. One of the most important specifications of the notebook is 16 detachable sheets that are tear and share.

The product frequently comes in a set of 3, which allows you to preserve the early copy but keep writing using the new one.

#5. Mini Journal – Moleskine Volant in Extra Small Size

If your mood changes often, and you want your notebook to correspond to your current spirits, Moleskine Volant is an excellent choice. This extra small journal (2.5″ x 4.1″) has 56 pages.

The notebook is perfect for everyday thoughts and ideas irrespective of your mood. It features softcover, detachable pages, and stickers. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to take it everywhere and capture each and every idea before it’s gone.

Making Your Notebook Personalized and Unique

While some manufacturers strive to attract customers’ attention by unique signs and durable papers, olpr. offers another great idea. A quality, customized leather cover for your notebook will make you exclusive and up-to-date.

Each cover may be embossed or engraved. The first option will not cost you a penny if you order less than 3 letters, but you will be charged with a certain sum of money in case you want the cover to include a personal logo or a long sign.

Moreover, taking your preferences into account, the company gives you a chance to choose the color of the thread that will be used for the cover.

Make your decision, order your individual notebook cover and get it ready within 1-2 working days.

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