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5 Best Travel Journals to Take On Your Next Trip

5 Best Travel Journals to Take On Your Next Trip

True, technology has spread widely across the globe, now you can do virtually everything with a smartphone or a personal computer. But there is something unique about writing a note.

You could have read about the city or country you are about visiting but that’s not all, there is more to it. You will meet people on your way and when you get there too. You will discover places the internet failed to mention. You could also make unique memories in those places you read about. It always feels personal and special to jot down your travel experience.

With time you are bound to forget those places you discovered, cafes you visited, people you met while traveling and when you got to your destination, all the little things that made your adventure fun. As you age, these memories get replaced by new ones but a sturdy leather travel journal stays with you for a lifetime. And what’s good is that they come with options to personalize them and pockets to store tickets and other keepsakes that a single peep at would drive you down the memory lane.

Why not avail yourself with one of these personalized travel journals before you embark on that trip, so, you will have something to bring back the memories when it starts to fade. Are you thinking of the best travel journals to buy? Well, we have made it easy. All you have got to do is ‘take a pick’.

Moleskine Cahier Journal

This travel companion contains a flap with space for collecting loose note and 70 g/m2 ivory-colored paper that is acid-free. It is configured in three forms to suit your need: the pocket size with about 64 pages, large size with 80 pages and X-Large size, which comes with 120 pages. The variety of sizes gives you the opportunity to pick any that suits your travel.

Do you prefer a small journal you can put in your back pocket for easy access? Or a large journal with many pages to contain all of the memories you are about to make? Whichever your choice is, the Moleskine Cahier Journal is there to meet your need.

Also, the Horween leather allows you to customize the journal to your desired taste. You can choose any color and stitching pattern you want your journal to bear. You can also personalize it by adding initials, quote, logo, etc. Whatever your journal-needs are, we have got you covered.

Moleskine Classic Journal

This classy leather travel notebook is designed to fit all your journal-needs. It comes with a pocket to store all your travel keeps and an ‘in case of loss’ page. It is wrapped with a hard leather cover made of pure Horween leather, which gives it the right sturdiness to withstand every tear and bend. You can rest assured that your memories are preserved for a lifetime.

The elastic-closure cover notebook also allows for personalization. You can make the notebook yours by cresting a logo, quote or initials on the cover. It also provides the option for additional pockets and a pen holder. Like the Moleskine Cahier Journal, you can choose the leather color and stitch pattern you desire.

All you have got to do is place an order and give your requirements. Your special notebook will be delivered just like you want it.

Moleskine Volant Journal

Our list of best travel journal will be incomplete without these round-corners, soft-cover leather travel journal. Like other journals in the Moleskine collection, it is protected with a stout leather cover that provides it with the necessary resistance against tear and bends, irrespective of where it is placed. It also contains the ‘in case of loss’ page and ivory colored paper that spices up your notes.

Yes, it comes in varying sizes (x-small, pocket and large) allowing you to choose the best for your adventure. The pages are detachable should you need to get a page out and it allows for personalization also. You are provided with the option to design your leather travel journal to your preferred style or taste. You could also add a pen holder and more pockets to save your entire keepsake.

Leuchtturm1917 Journal

Find out more about the difference between Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine

One of the best travel journals you could think of! The Leuchtturm1917 journal is designed in two forms; the softcover (121 numbered pages) and hardcover (249 pages) and a variety of colors. The numbered pages make it easy for you to quickly locate a particular event.

This notebook is equipped with lots of amazing features such as a blank table of content page, page marker, elastic closure band, ink-proof paper, sticker for labeling, eight detachable and perforated pages, and gusseted pocket. It is your best bet and companion for any adventure.

Midori Journal

The last but not the least is the ‘MD notebook’. This leather journal is designed for simplicity so you can easily jot down whatever it is you have on your mind. Our special journal is of two types (MD Paper Cream and MD Paper Cotton) and is made of threaded binding which makes the pages robust and easy to open.

It comes in three forms; lines, blank and grid designs, thus, providing you with the opportunity of choosing one that fits your writing style perfectly. Another amazing feature of the MD notebook is that it comes with no cover (save a paraffin wrapper), allowing you admire the gorgeous design and soft spine.

With the amazing features of these personalized travel journals provide, I do not need to convince you anymore on why you should get one. Stop thinking and place your order immediately!

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