Black and Red. Simply and Stylish.

Black and Red. Simply and Stylish.
November 3, 2015 JuliaP.
In Inspiration

Black and Red. Simply and Stylish.

Last week with OleksynPrannyk team was long, rainy and foggy.  But work process required to gather all spirit and force to start working on a new collection. We got it simply and funny. No rainy days, couldn’t destroy our creation. What we receive, you can see now.

Two simple old and new colors, Black and Red, Simply and Stylish. Always let you think about past and future and always keep your mind in a tone. And don’t worry you always will look stylish with those colors.

For now we have a few things made in this combination. There are Black and Red Tote bag, Red Sleeve for Macbook, and Double Tour Apple Watch Band made with Black and Red leather with White Smoky stitching. For every of those products I’ll tell later. But today you can see this combination of two Black and Red colors. Simply and Stylish.


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