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  • Dec122017
    Hiking in Asheville

    Hiking in Asheville with olpr. Team

    Our happy little olpr. crew loves embracing life to the fullest. We are all about leaving our phones and tablets…

  • Dec052017

    The Best Christmas Gifts For The Men In Your Life

    Christmas is right around the corner, and along with it comes joy, laughter, happiness, hope, and snow. We can’t leave…

  • Nov282017
    one day in new york

    What To Do if You’re in New York for a Day

    If you have a bucket list, odds are traveling and seeing the world is one of the list-toppers. A city…

  • Nov212017
    horween chromexcel leather

    Horween Chromexcel and Dublin Leather Guides

    Here at olpr., we are all about the customer experience. We want you to be happy and satisfied with everything…

  • Nov142017
    Moleskine leather notebooks

    Moleskine Notebook Guide

    Here at olpr., we are often asked by our partners, customers, and friends about differences between our products, especially when…

  • Nov072017
    leather wallet

    History of Wallet: from Tool to Ultimate Fashion Accessory

    When you think about it, lots of items that we take for granted and carry or wear on a day…

  • Oct312017
    leather crafts

    Museum of Leathercraft – Unique Leather Items from All Over the World

    The idea for the unique Museum of Leathercraft dates back to post WW2 years when an aspiring designer John W.…

  • Oct242017
    Luggage tag

    How to Prevent Lost Luggage

    Luggage tags, no, we don`t mean posting pictures of several suitcases with some creative and never before seen hashtags like…

  • Oct192017
    Leather dog collar

    Man’s Oldest Friend

    We often hear about the dog being man’s best friend. What we don’t hear is that the dog is man’s…

  • Oct092017
    leather bags

    Take a Walk through History at the Museum of Bags and Purses

    What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of Amsterdam? Get your head out of the…