5 Ways in Which a Pet Can Improve your Health
February 20, 2018 Sarah Brown
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5 Ways in Which a Pet Can Improve your Health

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It can’t be argued or denied that owning and taking care of a pet can be a Herculean task, because of the expenses and responsibilities involved. You have to groom them, feed them, spend time with them, take them to the vet, and also provide them with a lot of pet accessories to make life more enjoyable for them. While all of this might seem like a lot of stress, the amount of stress is actually very irrelevant compared to the amount of health benefits you get to enjoy from being a pet owner. That’s right; pets provide your health with a lot of amazing benefits which you might not even be aware of.

Generally, being around pets improves your mood (except you’re allergic to them). Spending enough time with your hamster, puppy, or cat will have an immensely positive impact on both your health and mood because pets have a way of calming stress. It has also been proven that when you have a meaningful relationship with your pet, you are much healthier. What you consider a meaningful relationship depends totally on you – it can be solely petting your furry friend or taking to the park or for a walk.

Here are some awesome ways in which owning and spending time with a pet will improve your health:

Having a dog boosts the health of your heart

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Dog owners have a much lower risk of getting heart diseases, and this is because they tend to take more walks than people who do not own a pet dog. They also generally have lower blood pressure than non-dog owners. Studies have also revealed that dog owners who have previously survived heart attacks tend to live longer than other people with the same heart problems who do not own dogs. If you own a dog, all you need to do is get dog accessories such as a leash, a little ball, or a Frisbee, and take your dog for a walk or for a trip to the park.

Pets aid in the relief of stress

Something as little as being in the same room as your cat or dog can result in the alleviation of stress because it has a calming effect. Scientifically, it has been shown that when you take just a look at your pet, oxytocin, which is a very effective neurochemical is released into the bloodstream. This, in turn, brings feelings of joy. The release of oxytocin is followed by a reduction in cortisol levels (cortisol is a stress hormone). Pets have also been known to help in the treatment and eradication of PTSD.

Pets can help you be a better person socially

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Not many people know of this benefit of owning a pet, but it is a massive advantage. It is more applicable to dog owners, because of the existence and abundance of dog parks, and even merely taking your dogs out on walks or to the public park. Talking about your dogs can be amazing icebreakers and start interesting conversations. In public spaces like on walkways or in parks, people are more inclined to talk to you if you have a dog.

Pets have the ability to monitor health changes

Your pets tend to more sensitive to your behavior than other people are. This will be prove to be extremely helpful if you happen to suffer from diabetes, as some animals have the innate ability to sense a reduction in your blood sugar levels before you can. The smell of your breath changes when your blood sugar level gets low because you get ketoacidosis. Dogs are great at picking up scents and tiniest scent changes, so your pet can end up saving your inability. For dogs that are not born with this ability, it’s possible to train them at some diabetes aid center.

Your self-esteem gets a boost when you own a pet

Pet are in no way like people – they do not have an agenda or hidden reasons for being with you, they do not judge you, and they do not care about your looks. They love you as long as you love them, and they love unconditionally. This is amazing for your self-esteem, and also for your confidence. By knowing that there is a living being that loves you no matter, your confidence will have an unprecedented boost. Based on the research that was featured in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, higher self-esteem was recorded in pet owners than in people that did not own pets. They also had a better sense of meaningful existence and belonging.

Pets are extremely important because as you now know, they improve your health and overall well-being in a number of ways. As they care for your and improve your life expectancy, be sure to care for them as well. If you have a cat, make sure you buy all the necessary cat accessories like a kitty litter and a scratching post. Provide all the necessary items your pet needs to have a happy and healthy life, and you, in turn, will have a happy and healthy life.

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