10 Innovative Ways To Use A Travel Journal
June 26, 2018 Sarah Brown
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10 Innovative Ways To Use A Travel Journal

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A travel journal is a must-have item for a person who loves traveling and travels a lot. With a travel journal, your options are limitless. It is unlike other journals where you have to plan out your day or write down every little detail about every day. Your travel journal is yours to do with as you please, and it adds a whole new type of experience and edge to your travels. It is something you will look back on years or months after your trip, and it will take you right back.

To create your very own travel notepad, you need:

travel leather journal

  • a blank notebook or a blank leather journal
  • pencils or pens
  • markers or different colors
  • stickers and glitter to decorate the inside of the journal or your leather journal cover
  • an instant camera to take and get amazing photos
  • scissors
  • glue, stapler, or paper clips

Ways to use your travel journal

The travel journal doesn’t have to be a place where you just write the details of how every day went, you can use it in very unique ways. Your travel notepad can serve as the special lens through which you look back on awesome trips, getaways, and vacations – a time machine of sorts. There are so many awesome ways in which you can use your travel notebook, and some of them will be highlighted below:

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Ask questions

Traveling comes with experiencing a lot of new things, and these things may come with lots of questions of confusion. You can always write these down in your journal and get back to them later. You can write down questions about directions, the food, the places, the people, or anything at all.

Jot down quotes

Traveling involves coming across new cultures every time. These cultures and people all have their special quotes or proverbs that are integral to their being. If you happen to stumble upon new quotes that you like or that make an impact on you, you can always write them down in your travel journal. In fact, there can be a whole section or group of pages in your journal dedicated to meaningful quotes.

Record jokes

Just like with the quotes, you can always record jokes in your journal. Jokes and riddles are another integral part of some cultures, and you’ll come across many different types during your travels. If you happen to hear any one you like and you don’t want to forget it, you can always write it down in your journal.

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Write down meaningful addresses

This is another way in which your travel journal can come in handy. You can have a whole section or group of pages dedicated to storing addresses that mean something to you. You can write addresses of museums, restaurants, parks, or any other location you’ve visited and liked. You can also write down the addresses of places you would like to visit for the first time.

Analyse new taste

One integral part of traveling to new places is sampling new food and drinks. Food is a part of many cultures, so it is inevitable. When you try out new food, you can always write down how it felt and what it was like in your travel journal – the sweetness, the saltiness, everything. You can also always write down new recipes and recipe ideas in your travel journal.

Sketch maps

You can sketch maps of neighborhoods you’ve been to or maps of the local parks. You can sketch maps of virtually anything – it’s up to you. Again, you can also have an entire section or group of pages in your journal dedicated to maps.

Describe your day

This is a classic and special way to use a travel journal is to write about your day gone. You don’t have to painstakingly describe every little detail, just the most important parts- talk about the people you met, places you visited, things you tried, and all the rest.

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List your favorite places

When you travel, you will experience and visit new places such as museums, art galleries, pubs, restaurants, and so on. There should be a part of your travel journal dedicated to your favorite places. You can have a list of your favorite restaurants all over the world, or a list of favorite places per location traveled (e.g., favorite places in North Carolina).

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A scrapbook of tickets and bills

Airplane tickets, bus tickets, ferry tickets, and so on are traveling relics that will always remind you of the good times you had, you can create a section in your travel journal for a ticket scrapbook. Another thing that will remind you of all your travels is the bills or currency which they use in those places. You can take some of these bills and scrapbook them in your travel journal.

Draw pictures

You don’t have to be an artistic genius before you can use your travel journal for little drawings or quick sketches. If you see something that catches your eye and you’d like to have an image of it forever, you can always make a quick sketch of it. If you’re an artist, then this will always come in handy for you and you can completely transform your travel journal.

With these tips and ideas, you’ll never be out of things to do with your travel journal. It will open a whole new world for you, and traveling will never be the same again.

What are you waiting for? Take a blank leather journal and the other necessary items with you on your next trip and start journaling today.

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